More window treatment ideas for various window shapes

Geometrically-shaped windows are often used for focal points. We will discuss many window treatment ideas for these shapes as they are becoming more popular in contemporary homes.

octagon window

Octagon Windows

These eight sided windows add a dramatic look to any home, but with it comes along an eight sided beam of light that is not always as appreciated. Click here for ideas for octagon window treatments.

Hexagon Windows

hexagon window

Similar to the octagon window but with six sides only, these windows come with parallel sides either horizontally or vertically.

For window treatment ideas for these unique windows click here.

Pentagon Windows
pentagon window
These five-sided windows are actually two mirrored trapezoid windows merged in the center forming a point at the top.

You can cover them as two trapezoid window treatments or for more window treatment ideas click here.

Triangle Windows

triangle window

Accentuating sloped ceilings these three cornered windows come either together with trapezoid windows or alone as a focal point.

Try covering them with one of these window treatment ideas.

Circle Windows

round window

This round window that has long been popular in houses with gables is now used in other areas in the home, demanding more window treatment solutions than ever before.

Need help covering them? Click here.

Oval Windows

oval window

Oval windows add a special charm to any home, but you need to cover it to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight that comes along with it.

For ideas how to cover or decorate oval windows click here.

So here are some window treatment ideas you can use to cover your special window:

octagon cellular

Cellular and Pleated Shades

Whatever shape your window is, a cellular shade can be made to fit it perfectly.

Octagon and hexagon windows can be covered with cellular shades that can be opened with top-down or bottom-up operation. Since the window narrows both at the top and bottom depending on which operation used (top-down or bottom-up) either the top or the bottom of the window (where the window becomes narrower) will remain covered.

Since pentagon windows are usually widest on the bottom, pentagon shades are best with top-down operation.(This way the window can be fully exposed.) If bottom-up operation is preferred it is also available, but like the octagon and hexagon windows the upper part of the window will stay covered.

Triangle windows can also be covered with operable cellular shades. Both top-down and bottom-up operations are available.

oval cellular shade The picture on the left shows a window treatment solution for oval and circle windows. The six inch headrail is in the center. To open, the upper half of the shade lowers and the lower half raises toward the headrail.

!Another idea for circle windows is to cover it with the cellular or pleated fabric in a sunburst fashion. This is a stationary or "inoperable" window treatment.

These shades come in various light control levels, so you can choose light filtering kind for those window treatments that can not be fully opened.

The Sunburst

sunbursts This versatile window covering option is made with shirred fabric, pulled together in the center or in the corner and spread out on the edges. A rose from the same fabric is often used as an ornament.

This window treatment is most popular with specialty shapes because of its ability to be adapted into any shape. The beauty of it is that it can be used in rooms that have more than one type of specialty window.

Mostly, it is made with sheers, but can also be made with any fabric to match the rest of the rooms window treatments. But please note that heavier fabrics will allow less light to shine through, where as the sheers will only soften the light.

The fabric sunburst can be custom ordered to fit your window, or you can make it yourself with this sunburst window treatment kit.


pentagon shutter

Shutters can be custom designed to fit every shape imaginable, leaving you just to choose if you want a sunburst style (as in the photo on the right) or horizontal slats.

For round and oval windows, shutters will remain stationary, but the octagon, hexagon, pentagon, and triangle windows have a choice of being opened via hinges on the side or bottom.

To see how else shutters can be used for specialty shape windows click here.

Mock Shutters

mock sunburst shutters This is a unique window treatment idea. It is made from wood are has sunburst shaped cut-outs. You can easily open and close these openings to switch between privacy and light. The mock sunburst shutters can be made as circle, oval, and octagon window treatments. They come in paints and stains to match most wood blinds and shutters.

To learn more about the mock shutters click here.


silhouette triangles

Cover all your windows with one special window treatment; Silhouette window shadings. Silhouette window shadings are available in just about any shape so you can match it to the rest of the room. They also blend beautifully with Luminette privacy sheers.

Silhouette specialty shapes are not operable and vanes remain in a fully opened position, therefore letting the light in but gently diffusing it.

If you still have question about how to cover your special window feel free to Ask the Expert!
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