Window Cornice Ideas

window cornice

What is a window cornice?

Just like there are soft window treatments and hard window treatments, there are soft valances and hard valances. A hard valance is called a cornice.

Here are some cornice ideas you can use to decorate your window:

Fabric Cornices also known as upholstered cornices are made with fabric and padding covering a wooden cornice box. The different cornice styles are endless. Here are some of them:

  • Simple Flat Cornice: This cornice is simply covered with fabric giving any window a neat yet elegant finishing touch.

  • Fabric Covered Cornice with Inserts:Similar to the flat cornice but with a center insert across the width. Some variations to this style would be:

    • Solid outer edges with a larger themed print fabric as an insert.

    • Shirred fabric on the outer edges and flat fabric as an insert or vice versa.

  • Shaped Bottom Cornice: The lower edge of this cornice is shaped, like scallops, zig-zag, a combination of both, or any other pleasing, artistic design.

  • Peek-a-boo Cornice: This is a double cornice seen on many victorian window treatments. It looks like this: The over-cornice has three scallops and the under-cornice has only two. The scallops of the under-cornice peek out where the over-cornice goes upwards.

  • Fabric Decorated Cornice: A cornice can be decorated with swags, jabots, or bows. This is a very pretty soft and hard valance combo.

Fabric covered cornices can be trimmed with tassels, piping, beaded fringe etc. just like soft valances.

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