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Unusual triangle window pair making me crazy

by Gabriella
(North Carolina)


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These windows are huge and allow afternoon heat and sun to pour into the house. While they allow a beautiful view, we desperately need defense against the scalding summer heat and the loss of heat in winter.

Their measurements are 13" (small outer side) x 88" high x 75.5" wide x 106" (hypotenuse). I don't know why these are not regular triangular windows, but it is making things more difficult as we shop for blinds/window coverings.

Because they are high on the wall we would need an easy way to open/close them without strings because one of my cats eats string. We would also like durable material that can withstand the rare occasions that a cat would investigate them.

We would like to be able to block all/most light at times to block glare on the television.

Alternately we would like to enjoy the view but require light-blocking so we can enjoy the view without the heat/brightness.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Four different types of window treatments can work for your window; each one has it's pros and cons.
  1. Shutters

    Shutters can be made in any configuration including your unusual triangle/trapezoid windows.

    You will be able to block heat and glare when closed. You can rotate the slats to control light and privacy and view. There are no strings for your cat to eat and the material is very durable (real or fake wood).

  2. Window Film

    Window film can be cut to any size and shape. It will block the glare but not the light and will not provide privacy. Black window film will provide daytime privacy and block light while providing view by day.

    There are no strings and is applied directly to your window, so there is nothing for your cat to eat.

  3. Cellular shades

    Cellular shades can be made to open and close completely. When closed it will block light and glare and provide privacy. You will be able to see the view by opening the shade completely.

    This size cannot be motorized so strings are needed, however you can tie it out of your cat's reach. The fabric is spun polyester.

  4. Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds are great for privacy and light control. They are made from durable PVC but are operated with string (which can be tied out of the way).

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