Unique Window Treatments

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Looking for something that will change your home from ordinary to extra-ordinary?

Unique window treatments are the answer! By decorating your home with window coverings that are unusual and unique, your home will become exclusive and special.

Uniquely designed window treatments will benefit your home whether it is designed elegantly or simple. It will complement an elegant home and make special a simple one.

Where to find ideas? Look no further. Here you can browse through our collection of unique window treatments.

Do you have a window treatment that you would like to show off? Now it's your chance . . .

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Do you have a Unique Window Treatment that you want to show off?

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Unique window treatments our visitors sent in

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No Sew Window Treatments 
This is a non fabric window treatment that really is unique and easy to make with chain, seahells, and raffia. It would be great for a beach house or …

Black and White Curtains Not rated yet
Although, you suggested using a curtain color close to my couch color (taupe gold green chenille color/fabric type) see here. I found some great …

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Autumn Burlap and Tree Branch Swag
It is very inexpensive and easy to make as a quick change to warm up a room for the fall season. It would be the perfect treatment for a mountain home …

No-Sew No-Hardware Tablecloth Valance
This window treatment requires no-sewing and no hardware to mount, just two small nails you simply hammer into the wall. It can be done with any size …

Alustra Collection

The Alustra Collection was introduced by Hunter Douglas, the leading window treatment manufacturer, is an exclusive collection of window treatments targeted to the affordable luxury market. It is designed for those who want to make their homes exclusive and unique.

For unique decorating ideas for the other elements of your room visit Decorating-Ideas-Made-Easy.com

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Specialty Shapes

Do you have an odd shaped window and are wondering how to cover it?

Check out our window treatment ideas for specialty shaped windows.

You will find:

  • Separate pages for each shape window ex. arch, trapezoid, etc.
  • Ideas that allow you to get the most use out of your window
  • How not to lose the unique architectural look of your window
  • How to protect your window's view while protecting your privacy

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