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Two high horizontal rectangular windows with view of building wall

by Judy
(Parrish, FL)

Bamboo Window Film

Bamboo Window Film


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I am helping our daughter decorate a baby's room. There are two rectagular windows 20" high by 30" wide, which are placed high on the wall, side-by-side. They look out on horizontal siding of the next house, about eight feet away. There is no other view, but we do need the light.

I think I want to make the windows look less rectangular and a little more square and larger.

Should we try window film in a bamboo print on the glass (baby's theme is Pandas) with a higher up valance on top to add height, and cafes (lined?) on the left and right sides of the two windows that can be pulled across for darkness.

There is also a skylight in the room which will eventually need to be addressed for darkness issues.


Hi Judy

Printed window film sounds like a good idea. This decorative window film comes in a semi-private version which allows plenty of light in and you can see a bamboo scene by "nature scenes". You can also upload your own photo if you have a scenery that you prefer.

To make the window look larger a valance above the window is a good idea. Another way to add height is to extend the same scenery as the window on the wall below the window. There is a product called "Wall Scenes" that can be put on the wall. (But be careful it might be tricky to make it look like one scene).

About the curtains on the side, it might be necessary to line them to create the room darkening but the best way to know is to try out the fabric in the room itself with the window film installed.

Here you can see ideas for skylight window treatments.

Good Luck with your project!

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