Triangle Window Treatments

Can you really cover a triangle window? Here we will show you some unique triangle window treatment ideas for these difficult to cover windows.

traingle windows

Although there are many different triangle shapes, the most common one in windows is the right triangle and the isosceles triangle.

Right Triangle Windows

This triangle has two sides straight, one across and one down in a 90 degree angle. Just the side that connects the two is angled. It is usually found in pairs of two and sometimes together with trapezoid windows.

Isosceles Triangle Windows

The Isosceles triangle has a straight bottom width and two angle sides coming up to a point.

Sometimes you will find a whole group of triangle forming a single isosceles triangle.

Triangle Window Treatment Ideas

Cellular (or honeycomb) shades

When thinking of operable window coverings for specialty shaped windows cellular shades is the first one to come to mind. It can be made in any shape and takes up very little stacking space.

But in a triangle shaped window can it be made operable?

Depends. If it has a straight bottom it can usually be made operable while those with angled bottoms cannot.

The right triangle will stack on the angled end while the isosceles opens from the top downwards stacking on the bottom sill. Both will have the cellular pleats across.

All other triangle shapes like those that are angled at the bottom, cellular shades can be fitted however they will not be operable.

If it's not operable it does not have to have the pleats across it can be fanned like a sunburst, too. The right and isosceles triangle can also be made with the fanned inoperable version.


Shutters is another option for triangle window coverings. The louvers can be horizontal or fanned. Only the triangles that have a vertical side where the hinges can be attached and the shutters can be opened like a door for full flexibility.

Fabric Sunburst

The fabric sunburst can be made practically into any shape. With our easy do it yourself kit you just need fabric and basic sewing skills and you have a beautiful low cost window treatment for any triangle shape. This is a stationary window covering that cannot be opened or closed

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades, just like cellular shades can be made for any triangle window however none of them will be operable.

Mock Shutters

Mock shutters look similar to shutters but with a lower price tag. It can be fitted to any triangle shape and has sunburst shape openings that can be opened and closed to allow or block light as needed.


Do you have Silhouette for the rest of the room? You can match your triangle windows to it, too. The two sheer fabrics diffused the light however the vanes in between will remain in the open position for triangle windows.

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Ask the Expert!

Still unsure which window treatment to use for your triangle window? You can simply Ask the Expert!

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