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Triangle window in A-Frame cabin

by Kathryn Ringham
(Minneapolis, Minnesota (cabin in northern Minnesota))


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Wondering if you can help us with a perennial problem in our upper bedroom of A-Frame.

The dimensions are 79" (long diagonal), 70" height, 40" width at bottom and 3.5" across "top".

Ideally, the window covering should be room darkening, but open to other suggestions.

We would also appreciate a ball-park quote as to price.


Kathryn and Rodger Ringham


Your window looks like a triangle but it is in fact a trapezoid.

Just like we have solutions for all odd shaped windows, we have something for you, too.

We can make you a bottom compressing cellular shade that opens from top down and stacks on the window sill.

The small 3.5" piece will have a moving rail that will move to the bottom as the shade is opened.

If you want a room darkening fabric, you will need to choose a color from the Hunter Douglas Architella fabrics.

An approximate quote for this size in room darkening Architella fabric is $1628- each window.

If you want light filtering you can choose a color from the Applause Legends fabric and the price would be $1327- each window.

If you have more questions please ask by posting a comment.

If you are interested in ordering send me a reply to the e-mail I sent you.

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