Trapezoid Window Treatments

Is your window angled on one side while rectangular on all others?

If yes, you most likely have a pesky trapezoid window that is so hard to cover, or is it?

Here we will discuss all types of trapezoid window treatments that are available to help you with your dilemma.

What is a trapezoid window?

Trapezoid windows come in many different sizes and angles. These windows have four sides with only one pair of parallel sides. Either or both of the other two sides are at an angle.

Trapezoid window treatments have become in demand since the use of sloped ceilings increased. Many homes have windows near the slanted ceiling and these windows are shaped accordingly.

How to cover the trapezoid largely depends on the shape of the trapezoid and if you want to be able to open all or part on it.

Cellular (Honeycomb) or Pleated Shades

angled windows

As you see the two trapezoids on the right have the parallel sides running downwards and either the bottom or the top are at a 90 degree angle and the other one is on a slant. We'll call these shapes "angle top" and "angle bottom."

Hunter Douglas offers for the angle top a shade that will raise until the bottom of the slant; the angled part will remain stationary. On the other hand the angle bottom can be raised to the top; however the angle portion will raise but not stack.

Theoretically, if the top and bottom are angled you should be able to get the shade with both styles.

Operable Cellular Shades for Angle-top windows

Although Hunter Douglas does not have a fully opening trapezoid window treatment we found one for you using the high quality Hunter Douglas cellular fabric.

trapezoid cellular shades

This is the trapezoid cellular shades with a  patented sliding headrail. With this headrail the window treatment raises fully and even stacks to the top of the window. This shade though, is designed to be used either in the fully raised or lowered position not midway. to learn more about this unique trapezoid window treatment click here.

(see picture above, on the two trapezoids on the right side the shades are closed; and on the two trapezoids on the left side the shades are open)

This sliding headrail is also available for angle bottom windows so it can be fully raised and stacked.

Other Trapezoid Shapes

trapezoid cellular shade

The trapezoids that the two parallel sides run across can be covered with fully operable honeycomb or pleated shades. Those that have the narrower edge on the bottom work with bottom-up operation only, and those that are narrower on the top work with top-down operation only.

Vertical blinds

trapezoid vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are another choice for operable window treatments for trapezoid windows using a special sloped track. Vanes are stacked on the taller side; therefore the vanes for the blinds in the picture on the left will stack in the center.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds will give you the ability to control light and privacy in trapezoidal windows. If they can be raised or lowered depends on the shape of the trapezoid.

angle top window
tapered angle
angled bottom

angled top window

tapered angle

angle bottom

The first diagram shows an angled top window. On this shape window, the wood blinds can be raised up to the angled portion of the shade, however on the angled part the slats can be tilted to display the outside view.

The tapered angle wood blind can be fully raised and lowered. However it is limited to how deep the angle is.

The angle bottom wood blinds cannot be raised but you can tilt the slats for light control options.

Woven Woods

Another choice available only for trapezoid windows is woven woods. This unique window treatment, made from a combination of grasses, woods and bamboo, is available for an angle-top window only. The bottom of the shade can only be raised and lowered along the straight portion of the shade; in the fully raised position, a triangular area at the top of the shade remains covered.


trapezoid silhouette

Do you simply want to diffuse the light and/or match to the silhouette and luminette in the room?

Use Silhouette window shadings for your trapezoid window treatments. These shadings are stationary, with the vanes held in the open position.

How did You cover your trapezoid window? After you cover your trapezoid window come back here to tell us about it!

Ask the Expert!

Still unsure which window treatment to use for your trapezoid window? You can simply Ask the Expert!

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