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Trapezoid windows

by Karen
(Wasilla AK)


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First of all, do you ship to Alaska?

If so, I have similar type windows that you show on-line in this category (prow front 4 trapezoid on top and 3 windows and sliding glass door below. I have not closed on the house yet, so measuring is difficult and only a rough estimate at this time.

I estimate the 2 large windows at the top are 88" on the long side and 66.5" on the short side with a 47" width at the bottom of the window. The other 2 windows on either side of the large ones are 58" on the long side and 47" on the short side with a 47"width. All the windows along the bottom are 47"W by 56" tall. These are inside measurements. Based on the price index from your website I was wondering if the only shades I can get are the 60x96 size?

To save costs can you recommend any other options (i.e. vertical blinds mounted on the outside? My goal is to get the most 'view' from these windows that I can (it is a lake view).

Karen Nealon


Hi Karen

We can definitely ship to Alaska but shipping charges would be extra.

The pricing shown is just to give you an idea of what price range to expect but these are not standard sizes. We will custom fit the shades to the exact measurement of your windows.

Since you are trying for the most view let me explain you the difference between vertical blinds vs. cellular shades.

Cellular shades are very tight compressing and will stack on the angled slope of the window. The vertical blinds' stack is much wider. For example if you do vertical blinds on two of your trapzoid windows on one side, the width of the vertical blinds of about 100" will give you a stack of about 16"-17".

The good news it that the vertical blinds for trapezoid shades stack on the higher end. So you have an option of extending the track into the center space between the left and right windows and have most of the stacking in the windowless wall.

Another advantage of using vertical blinds for you trapezoid windows is that you can use the same shade for the top and the bottom.

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