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Trapezoid Windows: Need Ideas and where to get the products.

by Sherry Frazier
(Gallatin TN)

Upper Trapezoid

Upper Trapezoid

Upper Trapezoid Living Room Front view


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I have lived in my home for over a year now mulling around the idea of what to do with these windows. I have bought Window wallpaper that did not work right, the 2 end windows being trapezoid are what is difficult,

I also have a half cathedral ceiling with a large trapezoid window, that lets in mega sunshine.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated, I have blinds in my entire home which is over 3000 sq ft and no curtains.

Thank you,
Sherry Frazier


Hi Sherry,

I'm sure you want to enjoy your scenic windows without being annoyed by the abundance of sunshine. So here are some ideas for you.

The ideal solution for trapezoid windows is the cellular shades that can be opened completely. An additional advantage of it is that it can be matched with the other windows in the room using cellular shades.

The are other lower cost solutions as you can see on our trapezoid window page but these will leave the angled part of the trapzoid covered at all times.

You can also use rectagular shades and sidemount them leaving the upper angled part open. This is most likely the most economical solution.

Once you covered your windows you can show us how it looks here.

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Dec 15, 2012
slight curve trapezoid window
by: Dave

My question is what exactly did Sherry do for the living room windows? I mean the set of windows with the two "Eyebrow" windows on the sides. What was the final solution?

Oct 10, 2013
Eyebrow Windows
by: The Window Treatment Expert

Those two eyebrow windows on the side can also be covered with cellular shades to match as you can see on the eyebrow window treatment page.

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