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Trapezoid Window

by shari
(hastings, ne)


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Right now I have the bottom half of the window, the square part with wood blinds and the top with a sheer curtain that stays in place and is very dated. It was left by the previous owner and we have used it because it provides some sun glaring filtration.

I covered the bottom half with wood blinds because I thought that I might not cover the top, but have sinced decided that the top does need some cover due to the glaring sun. I can't decide that I want to cover with all wood because it is a very large window and to have wood from the top to bottom may be a little much. I was hoping to get some kind of idea on how to cover the whole thing so it looks like it matches, because right now with the top sheer and the bottom wood blinds it doesn't look right. I was hoping to still use the wood blinds and tie it in somehow but would not absolutely have to.

I want something that can be open at certain times and closed during the afternoon sun. Any idea would be greatly appreciated.


If you want to stick with wood then wood blinds or mock shutters is a matching option.

You have mentioned that you don't want too much wood and you want an option that will let you open and close at will.

Take a look at our trapezoid window cellular shades that open and close completely. You can cover your whole window down to the bottom with this window treatment and skip the wood blinds completely, if you want.

Your other windows in the room can also be matched with celluar shades.

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