Operable Trapezoid Window Shades

trapezoid window

Many contemporary homes are built with trapezoid windows to accentuate its unique architecture of the sloped ceilings.

But the lack of good trapezoid window shades doesn't let the occupants enjoy the beauty of the windows and the view it should bring in.

These homeowners want to enjoy their home's architecture and beautiful view but they can't.

After spending so much money for these unusual windows, the afternoon sun shines through them making it unbearable to be in the room because of the annoying glare.

So what is the best solution for this dilemma?

Most trapezoid window coverings can be pulled up only until the part where the window starts to narrow leaving the upper triangle part of the trapezoid window covered, thus losing a large part of the beautiful view.

Not covering the window leaves you squinting in the sun.

So what do you do?

Imagine this!

A window treatment that pulls up and down like a regular window shade but specially designed to fit and work with trapezoid windows.

When you want to see the beautiful windows and lovely view you pull up the shade COMPLETELY!

When the sun's glare bothers you, you pull it down.

Now are you wondering where you can get these magic shades.

We now sell these special shades made from Hunter Douglas cellular shade fabrics. But unlike the trapezoid cellular window shades sold by most Hunter Douglas Dealers which only pulls up to the place the angle starts, our shades pull up to the TOP!

To find out more about our unique trapezoid shades, just fill out the form below and we will send you the required information.

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Here's a form where you can request more information about the trapezoid shades.

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