Discover the “Secret Ingredient”
that will Transform Your Home
from Ho-hum to Stunning!

Remember when you first started dreaming of owning your own home; all the dreams, the plans . . . visualizing the house of your dreams . . .

Finally, your new home is complete . . . But is it really?

Does it look like the house you dreamed about?

Consider this. Two families bought houses in the same new luxury complex. Both families had dreams of how beautiful their new house will look. They both put in a lot of energy, time, and money in building and designing their new home. They hired respectable contractors and notable designers to help them achieve the house of their dreams.

Now the two homes are complete . . . But are they really?

The different impression people get when visiting these two homes tells the story. Let's follow the visitors into these homes and see for ourselves.

As soon as we step into the first home we are struck by the way everything clicks. All the home decor elements complement each other and it just feels right: like a beautiful tapestry everything feels as if it belongs. In one word this home is a picture of perfection and the owner's dream come true.

But when we step into the second home we suddenly feel that something is amiss. It is hard to pinpoint the problem. We see that each element is nice for itself, but somehow they do not blend well with each other. We are left wondering, “What went wrong here?”

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in homes? It isn’t always the architect or designer. It isn’t that one person has a good taste and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in the home accessories.

Like a beautiful dress is only complete with the appropriate jewelry, a home needs the right accessories to make the difference between ho-hum and stunning, between ordinary and extraordinary. Just like cheap or poorly-matched jewelry spoils the dress, unprofessionally designed accessories can disrupt the home's decor.

When bejeweling your home the best place to start is your windows. Why?

This is because windows cover 20-40 percent of your home. For such a large area it is very important that the jewelry should be tasty and appropriate.

But many people do not understand the impact that window treatments have on their home. They think that they can just gather advice from friends and family.

Now what happens?. . .

After all the advice is applied or actually dumped onto the house they find themselves with mumble-jumble of ideas thrown together without any relation one to another.

Choosing window treatments has left many homeowners frustrated and confused. Why?...

Because window decorating is an expensive decision; and with so many options the chances for mistakes are great.

And don’t forget this is a decision that will affect the way your home looks for many years to come.

This is why advice from a design consultant who specializes in window treatments and other home jewelry is most-valuable.

The design consultant should not only know how to design beautiful window treatments and other home accessories but should be able to design it in a way that it will tie together all home décor and make the home into a masterpiece.

So, if you are concerned about the image your home will make, you will definitely appreciate our complimentary personalized Home Design Consultation.

The Home Design Consultation is for New York-New Jersey-Long Island Metro Area residents only, look up your zip code here to see if your eligible.

For your FREE Home Design Consultation click here

You see, our Home Design Consultation was designed with people like you in mind. People who care about their homes and want every element should be designed in a way that is elegant, enhances the home, and yet reflects their style.

During the Home Design Consultation your Design Consultant will give you professional advice on how to decorate your windows so that they become the true jewels of your home.

Best Service Decorators is a company that specializes in window and home decor. We focus on window treatments, drapery, poles and finials, bedspreads, pillows, and home jewelry.

Since we want our clients to have a complete selection we now carry an exclusive line from Hunter Douglas called the Alustra Collection.

Our design consultants have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the window fashion industry and are certified by the Window Fashion Institute (WFI).

We carry only top quality brand-name and up-to-date window treatments and exclusive fabrics, trimmings, and hardware. Our products are made with the finest quality materials, custom-crafted by skilled professionals and installed by professional installers, to meet our rigorous quality control standards.

This commitment to quality ensures that you receive beautiful home jewelry that you will enjoy for years, and is why we can offer our famous “five star guarantee”. (See our guarantee sheet)

What will you gain from having a Home Design Consultation with one of our design consultants?

Our design consultant will show you how your home can be enhanced with the appropriate window treatments and accessories so that:

  • Your home will get that finishing touch that will transform it into the house of your dreams
  • You will be proud of your home
  • You will discover the magic window treatments can do to your home
  • Your window treatments will bring together and enhance your home décor
  • Your window treatments will reflect your style
  • You will have control over the lighting and privacy of your home
  • Your window treatments will provide you with other benefits like energy efficiency, UV ray protection, and/or noise absorption (if requested)
  • Everybody will compliment you on your good taste and sense of fashion
  • Your window treatments will enhance your home and affect the happy feelings of your family
  • Your window treatments will be designed to match your needs and your lifestyle
  • See what other people like you said after they experienced our Home Design Consultation:

"It was a wonderful experience working with you! You are a talented decorator with a great taste and understanding of individuals' tastes and style! Now that my bedroom is so beautifully decorated I wake up every morning with thinking, ‘I’m glad I live here. . .’ "

Lisa S.

“Finally, somebody helped me sort through all the confusing window treatment jargon, the personalized Home Design Consultation was an eye-opener and helped me clarify which window treatments were best for my home and family. Best Service Decorators is the best, Thank you"

Miri Moskowitz

"You are the only consultant that spent so much time helping me choose a fabric, rather than just showing up only to quote a price (before I chose a fabric). You spent a lot of time listening to my needs and concerns. Thank you so much for all your help and expertise."

Claire H. RN

For your FREE Home Design Consultation click here

You want it now.
Your budget says later.

I know, I know, you just finished buying your new home, you just emptied your wallet, and you're NOT looking for new expenses. But FACE IT! You just can't afford NOT to decorate your new home.

Now it's new, now it's fresh, now it's the time to complete your new home with YOUR own customized taste to give it YOUR own personal touch. Why should you not enjoy your bejeweled home when everything is fresh and new? You want to put icing onto a cake while it's still fresh and hot. And not wait until it becomes stale.

SO, if you want to indulge now but your budget says later, we have a unique offer. We have great “same as cash” financing plans where you can pay up as late as 36 months without ANY interest and there are NO hidden fees. You will not pay a penny more than if you pay right away. We will pay the interest for you!

Yes, you heard us right. Instead of paying interest on your financing like you do on your mortgage or car loan, the interest on your window treatments will be paid by us. Can you find a deal like that anywhere?

Think about it, you can have beautiful drapery for less than the price of your phone bills. Yes, when you pay with our "36 months same as cash” equal payments plan it will feel just like a phone bill, anybody can afford that!

Click here to ask for your Home Design Consultation so that you can benefit from our “same as cash” financing plans on your new home jewelry. (For more details of our financing plans ask for our financing brochure.)

You don't have to wait
until you find the best price
for your value!

WE GUARANTEE that the price you pay will be the best price you can get for the products and service. You can place your order now to get your project started.

Continue shopping if you like... we are confident any price comparison will prove that you get the best value from us. You have 30 days from your order date, if you find the same product, brand, model, and quality, offered to you with equivalent service and installation, just provide us with a written verification order and we will gladly refund you 100% of the difference.

Now, YOU can actually benefit from our personalized Home Design Consultation (valued at $350- ) for FREE with no obligation.

Why are we offering it for free?

Our experience has shown us that after our personalized Home Design Consultation most people are so impressed with our suggestions that they insist on ordering the window treatments and accessories with us.

But again, this consultation in NO way obligates you to use our other services.

This Free
Home Design Consultation
is guaranteed

How can something that is free be guaranteed? Here's my promise: We know how valuable your time is to you and your family. That's why I'm giving you this ZERO-RISK 100% Guarantee that you'll be thrilled with the advice that our designer will give you.

So if after the free Home Design Consultation you honestly feel that we have wasted your time and we had not shown you how your home can be enhanced with window treatments and accessories, just jot us a note to that effect and we will pay YOU $25.00 for your time.

After reading this report what will YOU do now?

Of course not everybody would appreciate the Home Design Consultation some are happy to hang on some cheap roller shades and pretend no one realizes what's missing. Even worse, after reading this letter some will actually still run to Home Depot and waste their time and money and choose window treatments themselves . . .

The Home Design Consultation is not made for those people. The Home Design Consultation is made for people who have foresight and truly WANT to create their “house of dreams”.

So if you really DO feel that the Home Design Consultation is for you, just fill out the form below to request your free personalized Home Design Consultation.

By the way we're planning to do FREE Home Design Consultations only until on a first-come first-served basis so you need to hurry to catch one of our available slots.

Due to the rising cost of gas we're thinking of pulling some of the zip codes that we go to and one of them might be yours. So to lock-in a Free Home Design Consultation just send us the filled out form below and you will still get your Home Design Consultation for free (even if your zip code gets pulled.) Just make sure to make the appointment before .

So, to get the house of your dreams just fill out the form below to request our free personalized Home Design Consultation and we will be in touch with you to set up an appointment A.S.A.P.

Sincerely signature
Judy Weiss

Best Service Decorators
1796 45th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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