Sunburst Window Treatment Kit with Flexible Curtain Rod

Making your own sunburst window treatment is a cheap yet beautiful way to cover your special window!

Create a fabric sunburst for your arch, oval, octagon, eyebrow, or any other shape window with the specialty window kit. It comes with a flexible curtain rod plus all parts and instructions needed.

The secret to this kit is, the rod that is flexible and bendable. It can be easily bent into any shape like arch, oval, octagon, hexagon, etc. If you have a large window you can attach two or more rods. The rod can also be easily cut for a custom made fit.

The kit comes with all parts needed* to complete and mount the sunburst window treatment. (If you plan to make it as an outside mount you will need to purchase outside mount clips separately) Detailed instructions on how to make the sunburst curtain (including the pouf in the center) are included.

*fabric is not included. Screws (included) are used to mount kit onto window.

Which size kit should you buy?

Below are instructions how to measure for each window shape:

Arched windows, quarter circle windows - Measure the rounded part of the window only.

Eyebrow arch windows - measure not only the rounded part but measure the side legs of the window, too.

Octagon or hexagon windows - Measure all eight or six sides.

Circle or oval windows - Measure the circumference of the window.

Pentagon window - Measure the all sides except for the bottom.

Once you have the measurements, order the kit according to the rod size. If you need a smaller size the flexible curtain rod can be cut with a hacksaw. If you need a larger size you can combine more than one kit.

Specialty Window Treatment Kit

fabric sunburst

The kit comes in two sizes 46" and 92". Measure your window using the guidelines in the yellow box. If your window measures larger than the 92" kit you can combine more than one kit.

If you plan to make it as an outside mount purchase outside mount clips below.

Sunburst Window Treatment Kits

46 inch Sunburst Kit

just $23.95

92 inch Sunburst Kit

just $32.95


Clear Clips (5 pcs.)

just $5.99

Outside mount clips (pack of four)

just $9.95

*Kit does not include fabric.

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