Mock Sunburst Shutters

eyebrow sunburst shutters

This wooden sunburst window treatment looks just like sunburst shutters, however it has a smaller price tag.

Shutters have always been an ideal solution for specialty shaped windows, however since shutters themselves are not a low prices item and specialty shapes are expensive to make, the combination of the two has made specialty shaped sunburst shutters extremely highly priced.

So what can you do if you have shutters or wood blinds and you want to match your special window to it?

These sunburst mock shutters are a cost effective solution. They are made from wood and have sunburst-shaped cut-outs that can be opened and closed. They can be painted or stained to match all types of shutters and wood blinds, even faux wood and vinyl shutters.

deluxe framed arch

For a more complete look a deluxe frame can be added to match the mock shutters making them look like real sunburst shutters. This frame however comes only painted not stained.

These sunbursts come in many shapes including arch, eyebrow, elliptical, oval, circle, octagon, and transom.

Depending on the shape there are different varieties, operable, non-operable, with closed back, and solar screen.

Operable These have sunburst-shaped openings that can be closed by pushing a small lever and it turn putting a wood backing behind the openings. This version is available in most, yet not all shapes.

Non-operable This one has openings but cannot be closed. It is available in more shapes than the operable sunburst. If you have a shape that is available only in the non-operable and privacy or sun protection is needed, look at the next two options.

Closed Back This provides full privacy and style without any possibility to look in or look out.

Sunscreen The openings can be backed by sunscreen that will give sun protection but no privacy.

You can get a pricelist for custom mock shutters below. Or you can order standard arch mock shutters at the right.

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Arch Mock Sunburst Shutters

Standard Sizes

Standard arch mock sunburst shutters are available in two basic colors and five standard sizes at lower prices.

They are easily operated with a small lever to open and close. You can add a wand to help operate in high or hard to reach places.

The arch mock shutters are flush mount and will overlap the window frame. They can be installed independently or above a window blind.

Pick your Size:

SizeFits widthFits heightActual size W X HPrice
3 Foot34"-36"17"-18½"38" X 20"$250
4 Foot46"-48"23"-24½"50" X 26"$350
4 Foot 4"50"-52"25"-26½"54" X 28"$395
5 Foot58"-60"29"-30½"62" X 32"$475
6 Foot70"-73"35"-36½"75" X 38½"$575

Choose a Color:


Will complement most blind company's standard white and off-white. see below *

Add 3' wand to help operate in high or hard to reach places


*White will complement the follow colors:
Budget Blinds Custom Craft Basswood Pure White W1, Budget Blinds Sigture Series 006 Arctic White , By The Way Shutters 136Snow, Creative Blinds/Palmer Creative Collection SB2001 Porcelain, Graber Arbour Collection 1318 Snow storm, Graber ArbourMystic Collection 2860 Glacier White, Graber Traditions 603 Snow flake, Heritage Window Fashions Faux Wood 300 Cotton, KirschHeartland Composite 1001 Aspen White , Royal Windows Envirowood II EE55 Bright White , Royal Windows Plantation Blind P-10Bright White , Timber Blind Premium 2 ” Wood Blinds 511 Super White , Timber Blind Timber Vue 2“ Wood Blinds Premium 6700Super White , Timber Blind Wood Impressions II 8000 White , Timber Lux Faux Composite 2-001-042F Smooth White , VinylBiltShutter King Wood Windsong White , VinylBilt Shutters Sonesta White, Vista White, Vista Panama White Mist 406

Off-White will complement the follow colors:
Budget Blinds Custom Craft Basswood Snow White 67 , Graber Arbour Collection 1838 White Solstice, Graber Lake ForestFaux Wood 304 Milky Way Embossed , Hunter Douglas Chalet Woods 455 White Bouquet, Hunter Douglas Everwood 973Sugar Pine , Royal Windows Envirowood E03 Antique White , Royal Windows Windsor Wood W7000 Oboe , Skandia ForestView Grand View 21 Pure White SB, The BlindMaker Texas Traditions Frisco Faux 112 Sand blasted Cream , Timber BlindPremium Faux Wood 176 Antique White Flat, Timber Blind TimberVue Express V703 Eggshell, Vista Panama Limestone 410