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Steep Trapezoid Windows

by Craig Kirkpatrick
(Hibbing MN)


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I am looking for two shades that work for for these dimensions.

Would they open for full view or would they tilt open? Blocking a bright afternoon sun is the main goal, but would like to keep the view if possible.

One end is 12" high
Other end is 71" high
Bottom width is 70"


There are two different window coverings that will achieve your goals of operable trapezoid window treatments.

  1. Cellular Shades

  2. Vertical Blinds

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can be very tightly compressed. Even though there is a very large difference between the two sides and there is more stacking on one side than on the other, yet when the shades are pulled up the stacking is compressed into a small enough space.

So with the cellular shade you can fully open for view and fully close for sun blocking.

You can get it in room darkening and light filtering versions. Check out trapezoid window shades for more information.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can also be installed on trapezoid shades with up to 45 degree angle.

You can both rotate the vanes and completely open the blinds. The stacking will go on the taller side of the trapezoid so if you want to avoid stacking within the window you will need to outside mount it and the stacking will be on the side of the window.

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Trapezoid with long slope

by Terry
(Algonac MI)


I have an A frame style home with two large trapezoid windows. The width is 82.5 across the bottom with the height being 111 inches on the long side and 29 in. on the short side and the angle at the top being 118 inches. With the 2nd window being symmetrically opposite and the 2 long heights being at the center of the house.

I have ordered custom Verticals, but they are now telling me that even with the sloped headrail, the blinds will not be able to open from the short side up and over to the long side due to the angle being so great and the weight of the blinds.

As a result of the angle, they will need to install permanent stops in between the guides to prevent them from slipping. They said I will only be able to rotate them open and close and not fully open from the short side to the tall side.

I thought this was the whole point of the sloped headrail system? I live on the lake with a breathtaking view and want to enjoy that view but be able to close them due to the immense heat that comes in at the peak of the day.

Can you please give me some advice. I have placed the order but I am contemplating cancelling the order if I can find someone else to do this at a reasonable cost. Can you please advice based on your experience.

My concern is that the company is not using the sloped headrail and are trying to fabricate something of lesser value than the sloped headrail and based on them telling me these come with a lifetime warranty, they do not want the added costs.




Hi Terry

Your window has a very steep slope, the taller height is about three and a half times the shorter height. This might be the reason you will not be able to open the shade.

The solution we recommend is cellular shade which opens up completely and stacks at the top. With this solution you can either open it fully to enjoy your beautiful view or close it completely to stop the heat and light from coming in. It can be made in any size or slope including yours.

Check out our trapezoid window shades page for more information.

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