Specialty Shaped Shutters

Do you have an arch, eyebrow, or skylight window and don't know how to cover it?

What is the solution?

Specialty shaped shutters!

Windows today come in many different shapes and it is hard to cover these windows properly, but shutters is one window treatment that can be made to fit into just about any shape window.

specialty shaped shutters

There are a number of ways of covering specialty shape windows with shutters.

The first way is the sunburst. This design starts with a small half or quarter circle in the center bottom or in the corner (depending on the shape of the window) and the louvers extrude from it towards the frame of the window. The louvers are narrower in the center and wider at the frame. These louvers can be opened and closed to control the sunlight, privacy, and view.

Another way to cover a specialty shape window is simply building up the shutter with louvers across the width molded into the shape of the window.

These two option is available for arch , eyebrow, Palladian, cathedral, octagon , and triangle windows.

With these two styles, sunburst and horizontal, the shutters are stationary and can not be opened, only the louvers can be controlled for light and privacy purposes, etc.

To be able to open the shutters fully the panel needs to be connected to the frame with hinges on the side which is not possible by some of these shapes.

arch door shutters

For instance an arch, to open it fully is only possible if the arch window is connected to the window below. In this case it is necessary to create two shutter panels that have a regular shutter on the bottom and a half arch on the top (with either style mentioned above). So when it is closed it looks like a regular arch shutter above the window but it can be opened on hinges like a regular shutter.

Another popular specialty shaped shutter is the door shutter. Special shutter solutions can be made for sliding doors and french doors.

On the French door the shutter will mount directly onto the door itself and they are opened and closed together with the door. For this, shutters are just perfect, because different than blinds they will not bang against the door when it is opened or from the wind, since it is attached to the door everywhere top through bottom.

For the sliding door you can choose either a bi-fold double shutter or a sliding shutter. The sliding shutter is best when there is space at the side of the door to stack the shutters, otherwise use the bi-fold ones.

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Specialty Shapes

Do you have an odd shaped window and are wondering how to cover it?

Check out our window treatment ideas for specialty shaped windows.

You will find:

  • Separate pages for each shape window ex. arch, trapezoid, etc.
  • Ideas that allow you to get the most use out of your window
  • How not to lose the unique architectural look of your window
  • How to protect your window's view while protecting your privacy

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