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Sliding Windows in Living Room

by jp
(Mpls, mn)


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I am looking for something that will work with sliding windows (we replaced crank outs) that is still elegant looking and lets light in or can be closed completely.

South facing windows on upper level - we love the view but need to close against sun when needed, or open fully in winter for light and beauty.

I am frustrated with all shades, coverings that go up and down = clank against sliders when open because of breezes.

I am most interested in some type of panel on sliding rails, several that overlap so you can use fabrics, darkening, sheers, etc. and push them over each other for the effect you want. I thought I saw them in an ad for IKEA but can not find them.

Thinking of panels on a track or two.


There are a number of window treatment ideas that open to the side, perfect for sliding windows.
  • Shoji Screens

  • Sheer Verticals

  • Sliding Panels - this might be the window treatment you saw by IKEA.

  • Shutters

  • and more

Read more about these products on our sliding door window treatment page. Most window treatments that work with sliding doors should work with sliding windows.

Good Luck with your project!

When you're done you can show it off here!

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