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size of ledge

by Mary Nelson-Boyce
(Fountain Hills, AZ)


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We have a window with an eyebrow arch over it. We like the idea of the top down honeycomb shades for the arch but have only 1" ledge. I could not find the dimension of the width of the ledge for this. Could you please let us know what that is and if there is a way to adjust the blind to accommodate only 1" ledge.

Thank you


The minimum mounting depth for this shade is 3/4". The only thing is that if you have only a 1" ledge is that it will not be flush with the ledge, the shade will protrude slightly, but will still be able to be installed.

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Window extends into foundation wall ledge.

by Bonnie
(Columbia, Missouri, USA)

basement window extending into foundation wall

basement window extending into foundation wall


Basement bedrooms have thick foundation wall with ledge, into which the windows extend. Shades cover the window for privacy and darkness, but are not aesthetically pleasing.

Windows are 70" wide x 52.5" high; top is 7.5" from ceiling. The thick wall ledge is 54" from the ceiling, but the window extends down to 59.5", with a typical window sill there.

I would like to soften the window appearance and thought about jabots on the sides, extending to the wall ledge; a valance would extend across the top to cover the existing shade.

I thought about additional sheers to cover the entire window, but the upper ledge sill extends 1.5" into the window area on each side.

Any suggestions for this weird layout in two basement bedrooms??


Hi Bonnie

By adding the sheers and valance you should definitely be able to overcome this problem.

First, the valance and maybe even the sheers should protrude from the wall more than the foundation ledge.

The valance itself should extend about 4" on each side (this is the recommended amount for any valance).

Make the Jabots long enough that they should cover the foundation ledge.

The sheers themselves should also be outside mounted and can be wider than the window itself if they protrude enough. The valance and jabot should protrude more than the sheers.

Here you can see valances with jabots.

Good Luck with your project.

When you are done you can brag about it here!

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Nov 02, 2011
Is this gap too large?
by: Anonymous

The ledge projects 8" into the room, so the curtains (jabots) should cover that leaving an 8" gap between the panel and the wall? The valance could wrap the 8" projection, but that wide of a gap seems unusual. Did I understand the explanation appropriately?

Nov 02, 2011
Eight inches?
by: the window Treatment Expert

Sorry, I was not aware that we were talking about eight! inches. I understood that it was one and a half inches.

You could have it protrude eight inches, but I admit that it is unusual.

Maybe you should rather make the jabots long enough to reach just the basement foundation ledge. This way at least the upper part will not have the light gap.

Sheer curtains are much softer than the shade you have now. You can make it wide enough to cover the whole window. It will bend a little as it goes around the foundation's sill.

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