Sidelight Window Treatment

(No cords)

Honeycomb shades are a great idea for sidelight window treatments. These sidelight window shades come in bottom-up lifting system and top-down/bottom-up style and match to our door window shades.

  The fabric used for these sidelight blinds is the beautiful and durable cellular (or honeycomb) fabric with 1/2” single cell, made of 100% non-woven polyester in a large range of colors.

The 1/2" cells do not protrude too much, which is necessary on such narrow windows.

Our sidelight window shades feature two non-moving rails which are mounted in the sidelight. There are one or two movable rails (one for bottom-up only and two for top-down/bottom-up) that can be easily moved up or down with a touch of a finger via a tension control system.

The only visible cords are the ones that hold the movable rail in place.

These sidelight window coverings operate with ease. Simply adjust the shade by moving the handle to the desired location.

The tension control system eliminates pull cords from pooling on the floor or getting caught in door jambs.

With the Top Down - Bottom Up design option, you can enjoy incoming light from the top while maintaining privacy below.

Ideal not only for sidelight window treatments, but also for narrow door windows and other narrow windows that are reachable by hand.

Choose between bottom-up only shades for as little as $99- or top down/bottom up sidelight shades with a low starting price of $149-.

Sidelight Window Treatments

Sidelight Cellular Shades

Cellular (or Honeycomb shades) for sidelight windows. widths from 6" to 24" and length up to 96".

No cords operation. Top down and bottom up available.

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List Price: $149.00

Our Price:  $99.00

See our matching door shade which comes in the same cellular fabric and colors.

If you do not find the color or size you want, or if you want sidelight window shades from other companies or other styles, please contact us and we will gladly accommodate your request.

We can also match your sidelight window blinds with the other shades in the room, simply give us you sizes and the color you want and we will order you the matching shades.

Other ideas for sidelights are wood blinds and Silhouette. These come in widths narrow enough for sidelights.

We also carry various sets of small rods that could be used for sidelight windows including clear rods and spring tension rods.

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Sidelight Shades FAQs

How to measure for sidelight shades . . .

Specialty Shapes

Do you have an odd shaped window and are wondering how to cover it?

Check out our window treatment ideas for specialty shaped windows.

You will find:

  • Separate pages for each shape window ex. arch, trapezoid, etc.
  • Ideas that allow you to get the most use out of your window
  • How not to lose the unique architectural look of your window
  • How to protect your window's view while protecting your privacy

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