Shutter History and Interesting Facts about Shutters

Shutter history dates back to ancient Greece where shutters were used as a shield from the harsh sunlight. It also provided protection from animals, intruders, and pests instead of windows.

Interesting to note the first shutters were made of . . . guess what? Marble!

As shutters became popular throughout Europe the more practical wood replaced the marble. This was a major improvement since the marble louvers were heavy they had to remain stationary while the lightweight wood allowed movable louvers.

Fast forward to the 1500's with the invention of glass, the shutters got a new look. Since glass was so expensive only the upper half of the window was glazed therefore only the lower half of the window opening needed to be covered with the shutters. These half-height shutters were called cafe shutters.

As glass windows became more common, shutters began to be looked upon also as decorative not only as functional. These decorative shutters were placed on the outside like in Victorian homes, not inside like the original shutters.

With the invention of many new window treatment styles like blinds and shades, it seemed like shutters will become part of history. However the timeless beauty of shutters prevailed.

Shutters have made a comeback. Indoor shutters are now available in so many different styles like Plantation shutters and soft fabric shutters.

Browse through our pages of all types of shutters available and choose the one that appeals to you most, and the rest will be history.

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