Shoji Window Treatment

What makes a shoji window treatment one of the most versatile window treatments available?

Maybe its the translucent nature of this rice paper window treatment that provides privacy while bringing in a warm glow from the outside light?

Or is it the fact that it is handcrafted and can be made into any shape just like the window?

Shoji screens originated from Japanese interior design. Traditionally it consisted of a frame, made from wood or bamboo, lined with a rice paper facing. The frame has lattice work which adds both beauty and support.

This unique decor has been recreated with strong hardwood frames and the facings are made more durable with either laminated ricepaper, ricepaper inserted between two layers of plexiglass, or other durable materials.

Shoji is used for room dividers, lighting, and other home decorations. However by using them as window treatments it reaches its potential at its fullest.

The translucent facings are ideal for privacy while allowing light to enter. If full view is required it can be fully opened via hinges or tracks similar to shutters. But unlike shutters it has no frames around the window and is an extremely lightweight application.

Shoji window treatments are perfect for specialty shaped windows like arches, oval, octagons etc. Since it is handcrafted it can be made into any shape while keeping it fully functional. Especially popular is the Shoji sliding doors , closet doors , and skylights. A unique aspect of shoji is the lattice work, or "kumiko" (in Japanese.) These geometric patterns add not only aesthetic value to the shoji but they also stabilize outer wood frame and keep the rice paper taut. Making it delicate and beautiful while keeping it light and strong.

Shoji window coverings can be custom matched to any decor in the room; starting from lighting to doors to mirrors to room dividers and wall hangings. All of these things can be made from Shoji, too.

Another unique place to add shoji is to kitchen cabinets, they can be custom designed to match your window treatments or your shoji window treatments can be designed to match your kitchen cabinets. Before you do so, check out this resource for other tips and ideas for kitchen cabinets.

If you like the look of shoji screens, perhaps you would like to incorporate some other Asian accessories in your home. Check here for more Asian Stlye Decorating Tips

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