Shoji Sliding Doors

Add some Asian charm with Shoji sliding doors; beautiful, versatile, and sophisticated.

Shoji sliding doors

Like glass sliding doors the shoji screens are made of large panels and open and close by sliding on tracks. Unique effects can be created by choosing from various color hardwoods, different styles of latticework and facings.

See our Shoji window treatment page for more details.

Where to use it:

Shoji sliding doors can be used not only with glass sliding doors, they can be used as:

  • Closet doors

  • Pocket Doors these doors slide into the wall and are hidden when open.

  • Bay area to close off an area like a bay area

  • Room Dividers

How to Use it:

Like every window treatment for sliding doors, the stacking width of the window treatment when it is completely opened is a strong consideration. The goal is to have as much glass exposed as possible.

With the Shoji screens it seems that this will be a problem since the screens are usually as wide as one of the doors therefore one of the doors will always remain covered.

For this dilemma there is a unique solution. By installing the Shoji screens as an outside mount you have the opportunity to extend the track to the side of the door opening the complete width of the screen.

This way instead of stacking on the glass door and blocking the view and light, it will stack on the side of the glass doors letting you fully enjoy your glass door while the stacked Shoji screens continue to grace your room with its special charm.

With What to Use it:

You might be wondering, do I have to use Shoji screens on all my other window decor in the room?

Not necessarily, wood blinds or shutters are perfect, because you can match the wood color of your blinds or shutters to the hardwood frame and lattice work.

The light filtering cellular and pleated shades are also translucent, this makes it a match, too.

Woven woods will add to the oriental flavor if you want to extend the theme a bit more. Some Shoji lamps and Tatami rugs will complete the picture.

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