Sheer Curtain Panels

Want to add a softness to your room? Use sheer curtain panels to add that whimsical touch.

Put sheer curtains on your windows to create an airy feeling while filtering light into your room. At night though it will not always offer full privacy so it is very often used with other window coverings like drapery.

Here are some common questions and answers about sheer curtains:

Which are the best sheer curtain fabrics?

Popular sheer curtain fabrics are known as Bastite and Voile. Add elegance to you curtains with crinkly or embroidered sheer fabric. Originally sheer fabrics where silk but now mostly polyester is used for an affordable and practical alternative.

Where do you hang sheer curtains on your windows?

Sheer curtain panels can cover just the window either as an inside mount or as an outside mount.

You can also have it hanging down until the floor. In this case it is always installed outside the window frame. It will start either just above the window or from the ceiling. If you have a valance above it, it will start under the valance.

How many curtain panels do you need to have?

Usually sheer curtain panels come in pairs of two which open towards the two sides of the window. For a smaller window one panel is enough.

Sometimes a third center panel is added for style but this will block the curtains from opening completely.

How are the curtains opened and closed?

Traverse rods are the most common hardware used for curtain sheers. You can also get flexible traverse rods for bay and bow windows.

Other times the curtain panels are hung onto clear rods via a casing. It is harder in this case to open and close the curtains and they are very often held open with tiebacks.

What headers are used for sheer curtain panels?

Most sheer curtains will have headers like pinch pleat, goblet pleats, and pencil pleats. Shirred headers are also very popular.

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