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Sets of Recessed Windows

by David
(Hartford, CT, USA)


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I have two groups of 5 windows along a common wall in my living room. Each group is slightly recessed from a large overall window frame. Within each group, each window is further recessed. I have a baseboard heater running along the entirety of that wall beneath the windows.

I want to cover these windows, probably with a shade that moves vertically.

Here's my problem.

I have to put an individual shade over each of the 10 windows separately; the shade must be recessed or else the hot air rising from the heater below would get trapped between the shade and window, rather than heating the room. But that would require 10 shades on that wall (in addition to the other shades in the room), and I don't want to have to pull 10+ shades up and down every day. I could motorize the blinds, but assume motorized blinds would be expensive.

So (assuming motorization is cost prohibitive) I would like either:

1. to install a system of blinds where one chord pulls down 5-10 blinds; or,

2. to install cordless blinds and connect the bottoms of each of the 5 blinds in each set with a U-shaped bar that extends around the window frame between these windows, so that pulling down on the bar will pull down all 5 blinds at once.

Do you sell any solutions to this problem?


Answer from The Window Treatment Expert

Usually, in a case of multiple windows we suggest combining multiple windows in one shade. In your case you seem to want to avoid this.

As of now we are not aware of any company manufacturing the type of contraption you are looking for.

So in the meantime we can only suggest:

1. One shade for multiple windows

2. Motorization

3. Homemade contraption

4. Motorize it yourself for less.

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