Residential Window Films

Wondering if residential window films is a good solution for your windows? Read on to see when to use low e window film, privacy window film, or decorative window film, and how to install them.

Residential Window Films

What is Window Film?

A micro-thin layer of polyester or vinyl film that is applied to the window to improve the window's performance.

There are a number of different types of residential window film products and each has its own functions.

Insulating Window Film

Up to forty percent of the cost of cooling your home in the summer is due to the heat gained through windows. Residential window film can help protect you from solar heat gain by reflecting the heat, this helps lower the energy consumption.

Energy saving window film will block heat, reduce fading, and reduce sun glare without blocking your view.

Energy saving window films available:

  • Platinum Window Film will block 70% of the heat from coming in and the low e coating will keep winter heat in.

  • Light Gray Window Film will block up to 55% of summer heat and allow more sunlight in. Also has a low e coating to retain winter heat

Window Privacy Film

There are various privacy window films which provide either 24 hour privacy or daytime privacy.

Clear UV Window Film

If don't want any even slightly tinted film on your window, you do not have to completely give up on protection from the sun. This clear UV window film provides 99.5% UV ray protection, preventing your draperies, furniture, and artwork from fading from the sun.

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Reusable Window Film

Do you need window film at certain times of the year but not all the time? Use static cling window film. Made from vinyl, it is removable and reusable; you can take it off and then easily put back on next time you need it.

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Window Security Film

Window security film protects your home by holding broken glass fragments together when a window gets broken.

It is recommended to used for:

  • protection from burglar attempts
  • protection from hurricane debris

DIY Window Film

Can you install window film on your own? What are the main differences between professionally installed and DIY window film?

Here you can see instructions on how to install window film yourself.

Removing Window Film

Before installing your window film, you might need to remove your old film from your windows. Here are some instructions on how to remove window film.

Can window film be used instead of window treatments?

The answer depends on what your needs are? Residential window films usually fill just one purpose. For example insulating window film will protect you from the sun but will not provide you with privacy, on the other hand privacy window film will leave you without a view.

So before ordering residential window film or any other window treatment, ask yourself; What are my needs? What are my priorities? Choose your window covering wisely and make the most use of your window and your home.

Residential Window Film FAQs

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Decorative window treatment while keeping the sun out . . .

Can I use this film on my TV screen?

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