Removing Window Film

Are you looking for instructions for removing window film?

When talking about how to remove window film, the type of window film can be divided in three categories: 1. Removable and reusable window film - this is a static cling application that is removed easily and can be reapplied again when needed.

2. The window film sold on this website come with EZMount adhesive which makes removing window film easy and clean. You just peel the film away from the glass and no adhesive residue will stay on the window.

3. Window film that is hard to peel off and leaves sticky residue on the window.

If you are looking for information on removing window film you most likely have the third kind.

So here are the instructions for removing window film:

Tools needed:

·Single-edge razor blades in a holder/scraper

·Spray bottle filled with homemade "removal solution", it is made from 8oz water, 4 oz ammonia, and 1 tsp dishwasher liquid soap

·Disposable towels to clean the razor blade edge

·Old towels to protect the window sill and the floor from loose adhesive

Step one:

Loosen 1/2" to 3/4" of the top edge of the window film using the razor blade.

Now that some of the film is lifted, you can spray in the "removal solution" between the removed film and the window. Spray the "removal solution" in, let it soak for a minute, and peel the film. Continue with this process until you have 3-4 inches of peeled film.

Grasp the film with both hands and pull downwards spraying "removal solution" as needed.

Now that the upper layer of the film is removed, you are ready to tackle the rest of the film that stayed stuck on the glass.

Step two:

Spray the "removal solution" onto the film and cover it withh a light colored or clear plastic sheet using masking tape to secure it into the window frame.

After letting it sit 2-4 hours open the plastic cover from on top and spray in 10-20 squirts of "removal solution" and cover it again.

After another 2-4 hours (or overnight) of letting the adhesive soften up you can pull the rest of the film off.

Step three:

If a clear layer of adhesive still remained on the glass, spray "removal solution" generously on the entire glass. Rub it into the dry adhesive until it turns white; this means that the adhesive is not stuck to the glass anymore and is ready to be shaved off.

Respray the area and shave upwards in quick movements using a new razor blade. Keep on wiping the blade clean with an old towel. Use more old towels to catch the falling adhesive not letting the adhesive catch on to any carpet or fabrics.

All of these used towels should go into the garbage after you're done, and should not be washed with clothing.

Change blades as often as needed since the edge needs to be sharp. Also be careful not to scratch the glass.

Step four:

After you are finished with removing window film and all the adhesive that stayed stuck on the glass, spray the window with the solution and wipe off with squeegee. Pick off any white dots that appear. The glass might look cloudy for a few hours while the ammonia evaporates.

Please note: If you want to apply new film on the same windows, clean the glass immediately with the soapy-water application solution but wait least 24 hours and clean the glass again before applying the new film.

Now that you finished removing window film from your windows you can browse through our website for ideas how to decorate your windows.

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