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Pleated Shades for Eyebrow Arch

by Denise F.
(New York)


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Window dimensions: 92" wide at the straight bottom. 10" straight sides. Gradual arch to 22" at center top.

I want to prevent sun fading my upholstered headboard and morning sun on my face. I already have Bali pleated shades on the main rectangular window beneath the arch and would like to match the same shade on top.

I would like to put an operational pleated shade in eyebrow arch, since I want to be able to fully open the shade.

Is this possible and if so, which company makes this?

I went to Lowe's to order from their Bali book but was told they only make a shade for elongated arched windows which is stationary. The lady in the window covering department in Lowe's said their computer did not give them an option for an operational shade of this shape and the Bali rep servicing Lowe's said they do not offer this option.

I then went to J.C.Penney window covering department and was told that they can order a fully operational shade from Bali. They explained that it would close from the top down. Their computer on the Bali website was apparently accepting the order, including specifying the length and which side to place the cord to open/close the shade. I gave them a traced template of the window.

I am concerned that the lady in JCPenny doesn't have her information correct and that I might receive a custom order shade that is not, in fact, operational.

Do you know if Bali is able to make an operational pleated shade for eyebrow arch windows?

Thank you for your time.


I did not see the operable eyebrow top pleated shade on Bali's website only the nonoperational sunburst style. However it is still possible that the saleslady was right since the computer did ask for the cord location. (We don't sell Bali blinds so I can't know for sure.)

For operational eyebrow shades we recommend the cellular shades that is horizontal and opens from top-down (we use Hunter Douglas fabric). That's why I think that it is possible that the one you ordered is operable, since it opens the same way.

But if JC Penney is not able to sell you the operable eyebrow window covering you can purchase it through us. Just send me a note through our contact us page. Or you can visit our store in Brooklyn at 1796 45th St. Brooklyn, NY 11204 call before to 718-438-4859 ext. 101.

Let us know what happened.

Once you have the eyebrow window covering you want you can brag about it here.

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