Pinch Pleat Drapery

What is a pinch pleat drapery?

You would think that its a drapery that is simply pinched together at intervals to give it some style.

Did you know that there are at least five different types of pleated draperies that are called pinch pleats.

two pleats

First, there is the Two Finger Pinch Pleats. It has two pleats, called fingers, which are pinched together an inch or two below the top of the drapery, and then fan out on the top like a "V". A two times fullness of fabric is ideal for this style.

3 and 4 pleats

Next, it can be made more elaborate by adding more pleats, like the most popular Three Finger Pleat and the more detailed Four Finger Pleat styles which look best in a two and a half times the fullness of fabric.

five pleats

A really elegant version is the Five Finger Pleats which looks like a real fan and demands three times the width fabric fullness.
french pleat
Now you can also do the pinching on the top of the fabric so that nothing sticks out from the top, however if you do so you need to stop calling it a pinch pleat drapery only a "french pleat drapery".

Adding Style to Pinch Pleated Drapes

Now you don't want your drapery to be typical, you want it to be uniquely yours. So here are some ideas you can use to add style to them:


Adorn it by putting an embellishment on the pleated area. You can use:

  • buttons
  • ties
  • bows
Make it from the same fabric or a contrasting one.

Cording with inserted wire

A cord, which has a wire inserted in it, is attached across the top of the drapery. The wire adds a stiffness to the drapery which makes the fabric above the pleats more shapely and stand out.

Scalloped Top

The space between the pleats scallops downwards like a "U". This works best in a pole mounted drapery.

Want a custom pinch pleat drapery? Here you can order custom drapery with header of your choice.

Here you can see more drapery ideas and photos.

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