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Pentagon Type Window

by Martin Dekkers
(Gerogian Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Window arrangement

Window arrangement

Window arrangement Pentagon Window


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Attached are two pictures of our Summer Home depicting our unique window arrangment.

The first picture (Window Arrangement) gives an overall impression of our livingroom. Note the bottom windows and sliding door have roller blinds of a 3% sheer weave.

The second picture (Pentagon Window) is of the upper pentagon window which we had left uncovered thinking it provided lots of light and view of the trees etc. Unfortunately the amount of sunlight, while great, is also beginning to fade the furniture.

We thus would like to be able to cover it somehow, when there is bright sunlight, or when we are away, but in such a way that it can be readily opened and closed so as not to permenantly block the view.

Any suggestions?


Like other owners of uniquely shaped windows you are faced with the dilemma of having to choose between sunlight/view and sun protection/privacy.

It no longer has to be this way!

With our unique window treatments we can cover almost any shape window including your lovely pentagon window.

To fit pentagon or house-shaped windows we have a special system that the shade opens from top-down and the head rail rests on the lower window ledge.

When open the whole window is exposed and when closed by raising the shade up the whole window is covered, offering you full flexibility with your pentagon window.

Here you can see how it looks and works.

The window shade is made from the best quality Hunter Douglas cellular shade light filtering fabrics (Applause, Duette, and Architella) This will filter the sunlight and offer UV ray protection while still allowing sunlight in. You can also get it in the room darkening Architella fabric if you want to block the sun completely.

If you want a price quote feel free to contact me with measurements and choice of one of the fabrics mentioned above since price strongly depends on the size and fabric chosen.

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