Ideas for Palladian Window Treatments

Add to the beauty of the Palladian window by gracing it with unique Palladian Window Treatments.

palladian pole swag

This popular window design was originally designed during Renaissance in the 1500’s by a Italian architect named Andrea Palladio. So this window which is named after him is called Palladian window or Palladium window by some.

The Palladian window consists of a large center window that is topped by an arch flanked by two smaller side windows.

This special shape which makes it so beautiful also makes it difficult to dress. You might even be tempted to downplay the arch as some might suggest but this is a mistake because I’m sure you don’t want to ruin the elegance of the Palladian window.

So here are some Palladian window treatment ideas:

Like with most special windows the key is to accentuate. If you want to add a valance putting it right below the arch is fine; the Palladian shape will still be visible. This is a good idea when you have detailed moldings around the arched top and you want it exposed.

But if you want a valance that will add more beauty to your already beautiful window, the valance should go along and accentuate the window shape. This means that it should go across, then up and around and across again. When doing so you need to make sure that the grace of the window is not destroyed, therefore professional hands should play a role here.

One idea for an elegant valance that will emphasize the Palladian window is a pole swag valance with a twist. This valance has two poles, one right above the rectangular windows and a smaller one above the arch. The valance starts with a cascade and swag draped over the lower pole above the side window. After that there is another swag that starts under the beginning of the arch. This swag extends over the whole arch up to the upper pole. There it drapes over the pole to create a new swag and then it drapes downward to the lower pole. The other side has the swags and cascades mirroring to the first one.

For privacy and light control the arch part can be covered like an arch window see our ideas for arch window treatments.

To purchase custom window treatments for your Palladian windows in the New York, New Jersey, Long Island Metro area click here.

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