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Palladian Window - maybe?

by Kim


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Hi! Needing some help on how to hang some curtains with these windows at different heights? I don't really want to cover up the arches but would like some type of curtains. Have searched endlessly for ideas and have not found many of this style window. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Kim

You have three windows one with a half arch and two with quarter arches. You might find it difficult to fit the quarter arch windows since it is not a standard size.

Many solutions for for arch top windows can actually work for quarter arch windows, too.

For example the sunburst window treatment can easily me made for a quarter arch. The same is with shutters, mock shutters, and cellular shades.

If you want to hang curtains over the whole window you can use flexible curtain rods, which can be made to fit any type of arch by bending it to the exact arch shape.

All of these solutions will allow you to keep the architectural shape of your arch window while covering it at the same time.

You will still have the ability to open and close some of them, like arch curtains,shutters, and mock shutters. Or simple diffuse the light withe the sunburst kit.

The only one that will allow you to completely open (to see the full window and view) and close (to block the sun and create privacy) is the cellular shades.

Check out all of these options and I am sure that you will find one that will please you.

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