Outdoor Window Shutters

Outdoor window shutters are used for two different purposes; protection and decoration.

Storm Shutters

The first type of exterior window shutters are called storm shutters. In coastal areas that are prone to hurricanes it is very important to have this type of outside window shutter. They are also known as hurricane shutters, because they protect the glass windows from breaking from the wind and debris during a storm or hurricane.

There are a number of different types of storm shutters and here we will list some of them:

  • Rolling Shutters: These outdoor window shutters roll up like a garage door therefore they are called rolling shutters. They can be operated from the outside as well as the inside. This makes it easier to operate during stormy weather (which is the reason for having these exterior shutters in the first place) since you do not have to go outside to close the shutters when the storm winds are blowing. They can also come with a motor that is designed to close the shutters automatically when the winds reach a certain level.
  • Bahama Hurricane Shutters are storm shutters that are also decorative giving it a dual purpose; beauty and security. The only drawback is that they can only be closed from the outside which is quite inconvenient when a storm is brewing and you need to go outside to close the shutters.
  • Accordion Shutters are aluminum storm shutters that open like an accordion (hence the name) and stack at the sides of the window like vertical blinds. It's great for sliding doors and ideal for enclosing balconies.

Decorative Shutters

The other reason for using exterior house shutter is for decoration.

The first decorative shutters date back to the 1700's but they still add a special charm to the homes they adorn.

Not all decorative shutters today are functional. Many are there to imitate historical homes. Some shutters are just placed beside the window to give the look of opened shutters.

If you choose to do so, make sure that the shutter appears to have the architectural look of a real shutter by following the tips below:

  • Even though you might not need it to open and close make sure that it appears that it can be open by attaching it to appropriate sized hinges.
  • Also make sure that the height and width of the shutter is correct for the window so that when you close it it will cover the window accurately and completely.
  • Also note the shape of the window and use appropriate shaped outdoor window shutters.

Here you can see an extensive library of custom carved designs that can be carved onto custom exterior shutters.

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