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Pair of long rectangular living room windows

by Amy
(New York)

living room windows

living room windows


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I have a pair of long rectangular windows at the end of my living room looking out onto the street. They are of equal dimension and evenly spaced.

I currently have them dressed with bamboo, up/down, inside mounted shades. I would like to add a pair of drapes on each window to add texture, insulation, and to dramatize the high ceilings in the loft-like living room.

Here's the problem. The wall that frames the windows is not flush. The right half of the wall is recessed about four inches deeper than the left. So, the wall presents a broken plane.

It is not terrible noticeable as the wall is painted off white and the bamboo shades are inside mounted. But I'm afraid that if I hang drapes, it will draw attention to one window being further into the room than the other. I'd like to hang them so that they are flush.

How do I solve this problem?

Thank you for your expert advice!


Hi Amy

Drapes are usually hung a few inches in front of the window. This protrusion is called a "return". The depth of the return can vary, so you might want to do a deeper return on one window and a more shallow return on the other. This way both drapes will be flush with each other.

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Help with making a good choice for Living room wall

by Tammi
(Jacksonville, FL)


In our living room, we have a wall that has a full glass door to the left, a fire place in the middle and a window in the center of the wall to the right.

We had nothing up and my husband bought brown curtains that he put over the door and the window. I do not like this at all. We have yellow/beige walls and dark wood floor so the I think the curtains provide no flow and look just blah.

We also do not get a lot of natural lighting with the way the windows are facing.

My questions is I would like help in deciding a color for the curtains.

I was thinking of a white curtain with a black patterns. There is a black strip on our fire place and we have black picture frames. We have an off white couch as well. I was thinking this would be more eye popping.

Also should we be putting a curtain rod and curtains over a full glass door? My husband is looking for shade to cover the door but even thought it is symmetricial it just does not look balanced.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Tammi

White curtains with a few black strips on the bottom sounds like a good idea.

The curtains could be made of white sheer to make it more airy looking. Of course if sheer lets in too much light use something less transparent.

Put a few black strips towards the bottom evenly spaced (strips and spaces of the same width). The bootom of the curatain should end with a black strip so that the white curtains don't get dirty.

About putting curtains on the glass door, it definitely looks more symmetrical this way. On first glance I didn't even realize that one window is really a door.

Good Luck with your project!

When your done you can brag about it here!

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Uneven Dining Room Windows


I have two front windows in my dining room. The right window ends 3" from the right corner while the other ends 29" away from the left corner. The entire wall is approx. 13' wide and there is 42" between the windows.

My issues are:

I don't have the room to have a rod with a finial on the right side due to lack of space and if I do find something appropriate the window hangings cover the windows only and are off-center or unbalanced on that wall.

I know an option is to hang rods across the entire wall but unless i have the curtains closed at all times (which is not an option) they will still look uneven while opened. Any suggestions???

I also have a favorite picture hanging on the wall in between the windows and would like to keep that if possible.

Thank you!


Cover each window separately. Use inside mount window treatments if you can not fit anything into the 3" end.

Put a sofa or any other small piece of furniture in the left corner to create a focal point separate of the windows to minimize the uneven effect.

Good Luck!

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Short window over corner of fireplace

by Irene
(Vancouver, Canada)

The windows are floor to ceiling (in a high-rise) covered by vertical blinds. The two windows (in the photo) are separated by a 9" wide beam (covered by the left-hand curtain panel in the photo). The left side window is odd shaped (one long pane + one short pane that sits over the fireplace in the corner).


I have 4 full-length curtain panels. Is it appropriate to extend the rod to the edge of the fireplace mantel and hang the four panels across that space (one on each end and two in the centre) or do I need to extend the rod all the way across the full length to the end of the short part of the window (over the fireplace) and hang a shortened curtain panel there?

How can I cover this area without it looking ridiculous and off-balance?

Leaving the vertical blinds without curtains is an option, but that is a very "cold" look when the verticals are closed all the way. The curtains really add warmth and style to the room.



Hi Irene

You can cut the curtain to fit above the fireplace and pretend that the full length of the curtain is hiding behind the fire place. the items on the fireplace will camouflage the short curtain.

Other ideas to use to add warmth to your room are:

  • Wooden Verticals which are much warmer than the plastic ones.

  • Shoji Screens add warmth (the wood trim) and light (the rice paper) to the windows and the room.

  • Look through our sliding door window treatment page for more ideas.
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    Two Colored Fabrics for Curtains

    by Twylene
    (Newmanstown, PA)


    If I want to use a striped curtain and a solid red curtain for a large window, would it look better to do an odd number of curtains (striped, red, striped, red, striped) or even number (striped, red, striped, red)?


    Hi Twylene

    An odd number would make it look more symmetrical. You would have the striped on the two outer ends which is more pleasing to the eye.

    Good luck with your project. When it is done you can show it off here.

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