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Large Windows Facing the Street in a 10 Floor


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I live in an apartment located in a 10th floor, with the living room and the master room facing the street. Both of these rooms have large sliding glass door (side by side or wall to wall and ceiling to floor) 130 in. wide and 93 in. tall approx.

My question is, can I use roller blinds in the living room and curtains (or drapes) in the master room? I know they will not look alike from the outside, but since I live in a a 10th floor, I think this should not matter.

I ask this because the price difference is huge if I put only drapes or only blinds, this is why my best option, from the price point of view, is to use both styles.

However, what would an expert suggest??

Thanks a million,



Hi Alexandra

When somebody looks at the windows of your apartment they don't really know if those two windows are in the same apartment or not. You wouldn't try to put the same window treatments as your neighbor next door, right?

And on the 10th floor it is questionable if the difference would be seen at all. So really the uniformity of the two rooms from the outside is not important.

You might want to put roller shades on both windows simply because it provides more light shading benefits than drapes and it is easier on your pocket.

You can then add the drapes to each room as your budget permits, one at a time.

Alternatively, you can use sliding panels for the sliding doors since it is much neater than the roller shades.

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