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Large Arch with Six Individual Windows


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Large arch window 6 individual windows. side windows are 58 5/8" high on the outside and 77" on the inside. They are 30 1/4" wide.
Center window is 79 1/4" on the outside and 83" in the middle. It is 52 1/8" wide.
Side windows open.
Material Duette honeycomb 3/4" room darkening


The best choice for these windows is the top-down cellular shades. The shade opens from the top down and compresses to the bottom of the window sill.

You can choose to cover all six with one window treatment or do three treatments one for each side and one in the center. Making six different window treatments will spoil your view.

If you want room darkening you need to choose Duette Architella.

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May 14, 2012
Only covering the arch?
by: The Window Treatment Expert

The window sill in this photo seems deep enough to accommodate both the hardware plus the cellular shade in front of it.

Now about your window, if you don't mind leaving the arch-top open you can side-mount a rectangular shade which will open upwards and not bump into the crank opener.

You can also upload a photo and ask a question at Ask the Expert!

Feb 22, 2012
Top-down shade
by: Anonymous

It looks as if there is a window latch handle or crank opener at the bottom of the 2 side windows, Won't those handles be in the way of the Top-down cells hardware or catchment (whatever you call it)? This is the same troublesome situation that we have. Our window opens with a crank handle at the bottom of the window frame. We're having a devil of a time deciding on window treatment. I don't want to detract from the windows have beautiful wood frames that I wouldn't want to cover at all, except for privacy issue. I don't need to cover the arch, only the windows below. Can I send you a photo? and see if you can help

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