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Keeping Hot Summer Sun Out


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Our son's bedroom currently has no window coverings and it faces west. We are looking for an affordable option to keep the warm summer sun out. We would also like to have the winter sun coming in since we live in MN we'd like the warm sun out in summer and winter sun in during wintertime.

I don't think we necessarily need to look out at the same time the sun is being blocked in the summer, but we do need privacy for the times my son is changing clothes.

I prefer to have light in the room so I don't really want to put in mini-blinds as they seem to block a lot of light unless they are pulled up all the way.

Our experience is that the cheaper mini-blinds don't pull up and down often, especially in a child's room, without breaking or not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Cellular Shades will be ideal for your son's room.

The translucent light filtering version will keep the sun out while filtering the light in. You can open the shades in the winter and close it, in the summer for sun protection, and all year for privacy.

The unique cellular construction will insulate your windows and you will save on your energy bill.

We recommend cordless blinds for children's room since it is safer for them when there are no cords.

Here you can purchase high quality cellular blinds at rock bottom prices.

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Commercial wall of windows

by Alan
(St. Louis)


Our office has a wall of windows that is approximately 43' wide by 14' tall in 7' sections. We get alot of heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Windows are double pane and already tinted slightly. We also use roll up shades. That type of film would be best?


Heat control window film sounds like the right solution for your wall of windows. It adds a layer of insulation and it reflects the sunlight and heat away from your windows.

Both our window films, the platinum window film and the light gray window film, have a coating called "low-e coating" which does not let the heat escape from your windows; a great thing for the winter months.

These window films mentioned above are also safe for double pane glass and can be installed on tinted windows (unless there is already existing film on the window).

If your windows are wider than the window film seaming the film might be necessary. Here you can find instructions for seaming window film or they can be found inside the window film package.

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Decorative window treatment while keeping the sun out

by Joan

My bedroom windows are as follows: 2 windows facing north 1 window facing west.

Presently they're both covered with drapes...The drapes seem to fill the bedroom and make it look smaller.

I would like to eliminate drapes and cover the window panes only with something decorative while keeping the sun out and saving my privacy but at the same time be able to see activities going on outside.

With temperatures sometimes reaching well over 100 degrees, my worries are of materials that tend to fade.....Am thinking of taping pictures the size of windows over them but then I lose the advantage of seeing outside.

Can you help me but be in my money range?


The ideal window covering for you is the Silhouette window shades. These shades look like blinds but are much prettier. The vanes are made of fabric and there is a sheer facing between the vanes.

With the Silhouette shades you can close it completely for privacy or open the vanes and look out through the sheer facings which will still block the strong sun.

If you are looking for an economical solution then you should definitely look into window film.

There are various different films some which are daytime privacy like mirror and black window film; these films allow you to look out by day while providing daytime privacy.

Or for just privacy and decoration but very little view try decorative window film like stained glass window film and etched glass window film.

If you simply want to block the sun and reduce the heat you can take a look at heat control window film.

Please let us know what you decided to do.

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