Insulating Window Film

Fed up of spending more and more with the hope of eventually saving (energy and) money?

Insulating window film is a inexpensive and easy way to save money on your energy bill.

Our windows bring sunlight into the house and along with it comes the heat, glaring sun, and UV rays.

So you need a product that will be able to choose what to let in and what to leave outside.

That would be the solar reflective window film!

solar reflective window film

  • It reflects 70% of the summer heat leaving it all outside.
  • It blocks 99% of UV rays thus protecting your furniture and draperies from fading
  • It reduces the sun's glare, making your room comfortable to be in. No more squinting anymore.
  • Yet this light grey insulating window film lets most of the sunlight in.

  • Not letting the heat in is perfect for the summer, however heat is a good thing to have when the winter comes around and we don't want to lose any of it. This is where low E insulation comes in. This special coating keeps the heat that is already in the house inside.

    So be sure to look for low e window film which is the most complete window film insulation around.

    before after film

    What about the view?

    Energy saving window film needs to be tinted to be able to reflect the sun's heat.

    Therefore all solar reflective window film will have a slight color. However the view outside, except being slightly darker, will be complete.

    (Much better than a view that cannot be enjoyed due to the glaring sun.)

    What do you want to do now?

    Purchase Platinum window film for maximum heat control.

    Purchase Light Gray window film for balance between heat control and incoming light.

    Heat Control Window Film Questions and Answers

    How to protect indoor plants while using heat control window film . . .

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