Installing Window Film

Here you have easy instructions for installing window film. These instructions are appropriate for the window films listed below:

Instructions for Installing Window Film

Before You Begin
Tools needed
Preparing the Workspace
Identify the Clear Liner
Cut the Film to Size
Wetting The Window and the Film
Applying the Window Film
Trim Edges

Before You Begin:

1. Film should be applied to INSIDE surface of standard 1/8” single and dual panes. This includes exterior removable storm panes, and all window shapes such as patio and French doors, trapezoids and arches.

2. Do not apply these window films to the following surfaces:

  • Plastic
  • Plexiglas
  • Motor vehicle windows
  • Frosted, etched, leaded, cracked, holed, or deeply scratched glass
  • Any otherwise flawed or defective glass or glass that is over 40 years old

3. Apply film when the temperature is between 40° and 90°F for at least three days.

4. Handle the film very carefully to prevent creasing.

5. Installing window film on larger windows (3-4’ wide) is easier with two people.


Application Kit

Tools needed:

Here are the tools needed when installing window film.

  • Application Solution used for the application and cleaning process. Make a mixture of water and no tears baby shampoo (without conditioner). Mix one quart of water and ¼ teaspoon of shampoo in a spray bottle.
  • A low-lint cloth to avoid contaminating the adhesive with dirt or lint particles. Paper coffee filters is a good alternative.
  • A utility knife with breakaway blades used for trimming the film.
  • A rubber squeegee We recommend that the rubber squeegee should be between 4” – 5” wide, and have a flexible blade.
  • Edging Tool can be a ruler, credit card, or wallpaper trimming guide.
  • Also needed is a ruler or tape measure some transparent tape and a razor blade.


Preparing the Work Area

Clean the window by spraying the Application Solution generously onto the window and use a razor blade to remove stubborn dirt or paint. Take special care to clean the corners.

Re-wet the window with the solution, then squeegee downward wiping away the accumulated dirt with a soft cloth or paper coffee filters.

Use the same methods to clean the outside of the window if possible, to ensure total clarity.


Measure the Window and Cut the Film

Measure your window carefully before cutting. Unroll the window film on a clean, flat surface. Cut the film according to the glass measurements but add at least an inch to all four sides. The extra film will be trimmed later. Try to use at least one ofthe factory edges.


Identifying the Clear Liner

The film is attached onto a clear liner. Before proceeding you need to identify which side of the film has the clear liner.

This is done by attaching two 3” – 4” pieces of transparent tapeto the front and back surfaces of a corner of the film. About 1” of the tape is on the film, the rest is centered and hanging over the pointed corner. Press the two pieces of tape firmly together, then quickly pull them apart this will begin separating the clear liner from the sticky side of the film.

DO NOT remove the clear liner entirely. Leave the tape strips in place and continue to the next step in installing window film.


Wetting The Window and the Film Sheet Thoroughly

Spray the Application Solution onto the inside surface of the window generously. If the window becomes dry, re-wet it completely before installing window film. The wetter, the better.

Spray both sides of the film sheet with the Application Solution. This will help reduce film curl and static electricity.

HELPFUL HINT: Having a helper hold the film sheet by the edges while you spray will make it easier and quicker.

Now you can peel the two strips of tape apart and release the liner starting at one corner. As you pull away the liner, start spraying the Application Solution on the exposed adhesive side of the film. Continue like this until the clear liner is removed and the adhesive side is completely saturated. Try to keep the film from touching itself.


Applying the Window Film

Hold film with the adhesive side towards the window and apply it to the glass.

Align the factory edge to one edge, and then with your hands smooth out the film and position it so that the extra 1” is overlapping the window on the other three sides.

Now, Use the application Solution to lubricate the entire surface of the film that is facing you.

With the squeegee go from the top to bottom of the window lightly forming a center line that will set it in place.

Now, squeegee from the top center to the right side and work downward, however do not squeegee the last 2” around the window.

Do this for the left side, too. Lubricate the film as needed.


Trim Edges of Film and Squeegee Dry

Using a sharp razor blade or utility knife, and the Edging Tool trim a 1/16” gap around the four edges of the film.

This gap is crucial so that the glass should be able expand due to changing temperatures. Also it allows you to completely squeeze out the water and air from under the film.

Make the film wet again and squeegee from the center to the right side and work downward.

Repeat this process for the left side. Press very firmly making sure that all the water is removed so that the adhesive can cure clearly. Squeeze out all air bubbles now. Any remaining small water bubbles should evaporate as the film cures.

If “fingers” appear along any edge, wrap your squeegee with a low-lint cloth and carefully push toward the edge of the film. Hold in place to absorb any excess water.

It takes a week to 10 days after installing the window film for the film to fully “cure”. Dry, sunny weather makes it faster; wet, cold weather makes it take longer.

The film might look hazy or cloudy at first however this effect will disappear with time and/or exposure to heat (i.e. the sun or a hair dryer).


Warning: Extra caution should be taken when installing window film when the bottom edge of the window is high up. Handling film on a ladder is at least twice as difficult as applying film to a large patio door by yourself. Consider hiring a professional for these jobs.

Seaming Window Film

If your windows are larger than the film, seaming might be necessary. To obtain a perfect seam, overlap two sides vertically. Cut through the center of both layers of film with a knife using a ruler as a guide. Then peel off the loose sheet of film from the top and carefully lift the edge pull out the other extra piece from under the film. Spray more solution on the glass and the film. Lay the film down and squeegee slowly and firmly down the seam. After a week after installing window film you can cover the seam with a layer of clear nail polish to make it waterproof.

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