Best Home Improvements that Add Value to your Home

So, what are the hidden benefits of window treatments? What makes them from the best home improvements you can make?

Well, window treatments are home improvements that add value to your home. Here are a number of reasons why window treatments are one of the best home improvements you can make:

    Saving Energy
    Installing window treatments will help you reduce your heating and cooling bills. Window treatments act as an insulation by adding an additional layer of protection from the elements. For more energy savings use energy efficient window treatments like cellular shades and drapery that are specially designed to insulate and therefore save energy.

    Protect your investments
    Exquisite artwork and heirloom furniture can easily be ruined if you don't take steps to shield them from the sun. Window treatments offer UV-ray protection that can save your art and furniture. Use sunscreens, Silhouette, or window film to block the sun's rays while you can still enjoy a view of the outdoors.

    Taxes and Credits
    Did you know that the government likes when you put on window treatments?

    Well, they won't pay for just about any window treatment, but their are times that window coverings will meet their guidelines for tax savings and tax credits.

    • Capital Improvements

      Generally, window treatments are not capital improvements, which are exempt from sales tax, however there are some notable exceptions. See which ones are by clicking here.

    • Tax Credits

      The IRS is giving an up to $1500- tax credit for homeowners that make home improvements that will save energy. Can the cost of your window treatments be counted in to receive this credit?

    Click here to find out how.

    Home Staging
    Window treatments are one of the most overlooked home improvements that add value to a house; yet it is an essential one. Prospective buyers are turned off by unappealing or even worse inoperable window treatments. On the other hand they get excited when they see pretty window treatments that make them feel at home.

All in all window treatments truly enhance and add value to your home.

To purchase window treatments in the New York, New Jersey, Long Island Metro Area click here.

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