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Gothic Arched Window


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I have a 2 foot tall x 1.5 ft wide Gothic wood trimmed arched window in my bedroom. On the same wall I have a palladium window on top of 4 double hung windows that are 7 feet tall. Please give me ideas how to gain privacy without blocking the architecture of the windows, esp the beautiful Gothic arched window.

Thank you


The right thing for you to get is cellular shades. We have cellular shades that compress to the base of the window to open. Since the head-rail is on the bottom it does not matter what shape the top of the window is, arched or Gothic arch, it will open completely for full view and close completely for privacy.

For more ideas or inspiration for your uniquely shaped windows take a look at our arched window treatment pages.

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Palladium window in a dormer

by Rita Martin
(Apison, TN USA)


I have a Palladian window that is in a dormer - and the adjacent walls are sloped and come to a point above the window.

I would like to hang a full length drape over the whole window so it could be drawn for blocking harsh light part of the year.(Plus I think a long drape would look glamorous on the high wall.)

The top of the window is maybe an inch taller than the point where the walls on either side meet the ceiling. If I put the rod bracket at that point, the top of the window will peek over the rod.

If I move the brackets and rod a couple inches higher and make the rod shorter, cutting angles in the rod to fit against the sloped ceiling, the drape may be too narrow to cover the width of the whole window – unless maybe the fullness of the drape would would allow the returns to cover a few extra inches beyond the rod on either side (?).

What do you think?

Also, if you think this second option would work, will the rod look okay that close to the top of the window? Somewhere I read the drapery rod should be at least 8 inches above the window and I certainly can't do that.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Rita

I think I have an agreeable answer for you. You can use our flexible curtain rod and make a drape with a rounded top. Bending the rod into the arch shape will allow you to cover everything you want without exposing anything that you want covered.

Or you can put medallions around the arched part and hang the drapery onto that

If you still want to look into your other options, here are some tips:

You can do the first option with a rod pocket and a ruffle above the rod pocket. The ruffle should be more than one inch so the top of the window should not peek out.

The rule about about eight inches is true for larger windows. Smaller windows will require less; four or two inches can be enough. This rule can be bent if you are short in space or any other reason that disallows this extra space.

You can also put the drapery below the arch and cover the arch itself with any of these arch window treatments.

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