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Glare Control Window Film

by Ruth
(South Dakota)

I have 9 west-facing, double-pane, 30-year-old windows that are easily accessible from the outside. The windows are in SD, where we enjoy the light and heat about 8-9 months of the year, but want to block the light and the heat from entering for about 3-4 months of the year.

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Question #1

I am interested in your glare control window film. Will it give me any break on the heat as it cuts the glare?

Answer #1

The glare control window film is not considered an energy saving window film but it does reject some solar heat.

Question #2

The glass in my windows measures 20.5" by 55", and remember there are 9 windows. I see the glare control is sold in 3' by 6.5' rolls. Can I patch together the trim pieces to cover more windows? If so, should there be any overlap, or how much?

Answer #2

For windows larger than the film you can seam the film by using the following seaming instructions.

Question #3

Would it be unsafe for my windows if I left the bottom portion uncovered so that my plants could continue to get the UV light?

Answer #3

You should NEVER cover just a part of a dual paned glass as it is unsafe for glass that is not 1) heat strengthened, 2) tempered, or 3) single pane.

If you are concerned about your plants you should use window film that allows enough light to pass through. This will include the Glare Control Bronze but not the Glare Control Smoke.

You should also condition your plants by following this method adjusting your plants to the light change.

Depending on how much light your plants need they might go into a state of shock for a few days, while adjusting to the new light. If, after a week, plants are still in shock (leaves wilting or losing color), we strongly recommend they be placed in another room where they will receive more light. Otherwise, consider using a plant bulb.

Question #4

How many seasons could I expect the film to last, if I use it only in the heat of summer, and store it the rest of the year?

Answer #4

The film itself is expected to last 15 years, however with exposure the the sun it loses the UV ray protection. So if your concern is UV ray protection you should be changing the film every five years.

It's true that you are only using it during the summer months but this will not help you much since a year has different seasons and you will only use it during the season it gets the sunlight the most.

Please note: Double paned windows need to have the film applied on the outside of the window.

Thank you for your help.


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