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Leaded Glass Front Door

by Nancy
(Cypress, Tx)


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We have a stained wood front door with a large section of leaded glass. We also have tall rectangular windows that flank the door on either side. I know what is available for the side windows, but what can we use for the leaded glass portion of the door?

Our front door gets direct afternoon Texas sun. All this sun really heats up our entry. We would like to have a way to cover the leaded glass portion of the door so we can block the sun during the afternoon.

Are there options for creating a uniform look for the door and side windows. Our door gets lots of use, so it needs to be durable.


You should browse through our French door window treatment page for ideas.

Here you can find ideas and tips for which window coverings you can use for doors and how to prevent the door window treatments from swaying and moving from its place while the door opens and shuts.

When you asked the question the first thing that came to mind is cellular shades. It can definitely be used for both the door and the windows on the sides. It is a light and durable solution. Since it compresses and stacks up to a very small space when opened it will not crowd up your door, just gently fill a need.

But before making a decision it doesn't hurt to check out these sources:

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Front Door

by Dean


Maybe not so unique but I have a split ranch and the foyer is open to the first set of stairs then to the basement all open. There is a kick in where the door is with a planter above all built in original to the home.

I, being a single guy, am desperately looking for a way to make this space pop. It has a regular 3' door with 2 lites (think of a 6 panel with the top 2 panels being glass) Id like some idea on how I can add a curtain, or some drape.

Its more of a country style than contemporary style. Do you have any pics or suggestions.



Oh and its being painted and remodeled. I'm just looking to finish thats why it looks real bad today.


If you want to add a curtain or drape you must add it to the door directly. If you put it above the door frame it will get caught into the door.

You can do a double hourglass curtain (see the single hourglass curtain on the curtain ideas page towards the bottom.)

Put a rod on the top and the bottom and put on two shirred curtains one in front of each window. Pull together at each center for an hourglass appearance. You can use sheer or lace.

You can also try decorative window film like:

Scenic window film
Stained glass window film
Etched glass window film

Good Luck

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by Janice

I read your advice on using horizontal shades on the front door ---- which is a great idea ----but ----- they all come with white facing the outside which on a window is great but on the door not so much. What happens when I hold white fabric up to the door from the street, it looks like I have sheets hanging on the door.

When I hold up black --- you can't tell anything is on the door which is the look I want. Do you know of any shades that have black on the back side facing the street? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you,

Janice Gornto

The reason why most window shades have white backings is because dark colors attract heat.

However since you prefer black you can try covering your windows with black window film which offers daytime privacy while allowing you to view the outdoors during the day. You can use it as the main window covering or as an addition.

Another idea is wood or metal blinds. Wood blinds (or faux wood blinds) will have the wood color on both sides. Metal blinds (depending on the manufacturer) can have other colors on the back of the blinds like its own color or a metal color.

Another way to make your windows beautiful inside and outside is with decorative window film. Take a look at our collection of stain glass window film.

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