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French doors with arch transom above

by Derek


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We have several sets of french doors with arched and rectangular transom windows directly above. There are also side lights on the main door with picture attached.

Ceiling height is 9ft with about 15 inches to ceiling at the peak of the arch.

We have no idea to hang curtains above or below the transom glass to just cover the doors.

Our goal is privacy and room appeal; however, don't want an unfinished look. Ideally, below the transom glass will be a less expensive option.

What options are there?

Answer from The Window Treatment Expert

The right way to cover your french doors is by covering everything separately. A separate window covering for each door, each sidelight, and each eyebrow window.

If you try to cover everything together with a curtain, the curtain will get caught in the door or prevent the door from opening and closing when the curtains are closed.


To make curtains for your windows you will need to put rods on top and below the french door glass and the sidelight glass. You then attach one curtain to both rods. For extra style it can be tied together in the center like an hourglass.

To match the eyebrow window to the other windows make sunburst window treatment for it with same curtain fabric.

You can use the rodding from the sunburst window treatment kit to make French door and sidelight curtains. If there is no ledge to mount the rods you will need to order outside mount clips, too.

All the curtains mentioned above are stationary and cannot be opened and closed. The amount of privacy they will provide depends on the fabric used.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades are the most versatile window treatments available. They can be made into any shape or size so it is the ideal window covering for you.

You can put cellular shades on your French door and sidelight windows with top-down and bottom-up function. Choose shades with no operating cords to prevent cords from getting caught in the door.

The eyebrow window can also be covered with cellular shades. The pleats from the cellular shades can go either in a sunburst or horizontal direction.

If you take the horizontal shades you will be able to open and close (from top down). The sunburst will be stationary.

You can purchase the sidelight cellular shades on our website. If your French door windows are less than 24" wide you can also purchase them on the sidelight shades page. But if the door windows are wider, contact me and I will help you purchase them.

The eyebrow window cellular shades that match to the sidelight shades above are only available if the height is less than 25% of the width. So if you want to match the eyebrow to the doors you will have to order the cellular shades with Hunter Douglas fabric. You can order it by contacting me.

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