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Entry door to townhome with a half moon window atop.


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We just had a new entry door professionally installed in our town-home, and as pretty as it is its already a problem.

It's a rental unit, and we have a small Conure Parrot.

The first problem is that we cannot permanently alter the door using a film that would at the very least be difficult to remove.

The second problem is that we do not want to spend a great deal to cover the opening, although the fan shade is beautiful, and if we had ownership this is the way we would go.

The third, and real problem is the afternoon sun hits directly into her cage, and it's blinding. She retreats to a space in her cage to get out of the sunlight.

This is nothing new with the sun. I have on occasion brought her to the storm door so she could look out, and if the sun is shining directly on us she does everything to get out the way. We do have special lighting above her cage, and she gets a facsimile of sunlight for 12 hours, and it took a couple of weeks for her to adjust to this, but it doesn't shine directly into her eyes.

Due to the configuration of the living room and kitchen her cage cannot be moved to a different location, and she has to be in a location where she has our sight and attention, and she is very social as most parrots are.

The next added problem is the size of the half moon window, I measured 20.5, or 20 and 1/2" at the bottom width of the glass only, and 8-7/8's in the middle from top to bottom of the glass only.

My two questions are this?
  1. Do you have a blackened film that clings to the window for easy removal, whereby it can just be peeled of?

  2. and can we order this pre-cut?

If it weren't for the prior issue I mentioned I would do something permanent, not sure what the door, frame, locks, lighted doorbell, and something other accessories cost with the installation, but my guess would be just under a thousand, and I'm not in the market for buying a door, less I have a house to attach it to.

Thanks for your time and help.



Hi Jerry,

Here are some solutions for you, your door, and parrot.

Black window film

We have black window film that will provide daytime privacy while blocking the light out. It can be easily removed and reused which is great for renters.

It can be cut to size into an arched shape, however it must be a perfect arch, meaning that the height is exactly half of the width, for you to be able to use this service. If it is not a perfect arch you can still enjoy the window film but not the cutting service.

To order the black window film press the "Buy Now" button on our black window film page and you will be taken to an affiliate site which sells the window film and you will also get the choice to have it cut to size.

Door window shade

Did you see our door window shade option?

It's a pretty and neat solution using just two screws to attach to your door. Even if your window is larger than the dimensions it is OK since it is outside mount.

Color choices depend on the type of door; whether the window has a molding or not.

I would recommend that you check check out these two options an I hope you will enjoy your door again soon.

Black window film

Door window shade

When you find a solution for your window you can brag about it here.

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Camber top fan lite window treatment

by Erick
(Bridgeton, NJ USA)


I love the "fanlight window treatment," but my door is a "chamber top fan lite window" and I was wondering if you have a treatment for this style?


We currently only have the fanlight window treatment in the arch shape.

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