Fabric Shutters

Do you like the look of shutters, but desire the beauty and light control of fabric?

Fabric shutters (also known as soft shutters) might be the right solution!

In a rare combination, soft shutters combine the sturdiness of shutters with the softness of fabric.

This innovation is a unique blend of wood and fabric. The shutter frame is made of wood but the louvers are made of fabric. These fabric louvers, available in a wide selection of stylish fabrics and colors, allow light to softly filter through it, while offering a touch of texture and color.

There are a number of advantages of fabric vs. other types of shutters.

  • The choice of colors and textures in fabric-filled shutters blend extremely well to the wallpaper and bedding in the room.
  • The light filtering capability that is offered when the fabric louvers are closed, is only available in these shutters. None of the rigid wood or woodlike shutters have this option.

On the other hand try comparing soft shutters with other fabric shades.

The traditional wooden shutter frame gives an architectural look that is of course not found in any type of fabric shade.

So this really combines the best of both worlds; softness of fabric while making an architectural statement with the wood shutter frame.

Below you can see a room with soft fabric shutters. See how the light glows through the fabric louvers bringing in softness within the shutter frames.

To purchase shutters in the New York, New Jersey, Long Island Metro Area click here.

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