Custom Arched Fabric Window Shade

Turn your arch shade into a fabric window shade with these step-by-step instructions.

This is a unique way to add some flair to your arch window shade . You will create a style that's distinctly yours and complementary to your custom room d├ęcor.

Note: Although we strive to give accurate directions all customization is done at your own risk. is not responsible if any fabric or shades get damaged during the customization process.

Customization Instructions

arch window shades

pleated shade

Supplies needed:

  • Arch window shade

  • Fabric OR drapery panel of your choice

  • Spray adhesive

  • Double-sided tape

  • Fabric glue OR fusible bonding tape

Applying fabric to your arch window shade

flatten pleats

  1. Cut your arch shade to size according to the instructions enclosed.

  2. On a clean large flat surface flatten the pleated arch shade as much as possible. (When flattened it will be a rectangular shape)

  3. Now you will prepare your own fabric or drapery panel. Make sure it is ironed and wrinkle-free.

    Cut it out according to the size of the flattened pleated shade but allow 1/2" extra on each side and the bottom.

    Note: Be generous, make sure not to make it too small. The width should be the same as your window width (plus 1/2" allowance on each side) and the height like the window height (plus 1/2" allowance on the bottom) but the shape will be rectangular like the shade.

  4. Create a finished or hemmed edge on the top edge of your fabric by using either fabric glue or fusible fabric bonding tape. If you are using a drapery panel use the narrow hemmed edge of the panel.

  5. The following steps should be done in workable sections until the fabric window shade is completed

    apply to top of shade

  6. Apply a strip of double-sided tape or glue along the top edge of the pleated shade

  7. Using the finished edge of your fabric, align and apply it to the strip of double-sided tape or glue on the top edge of the pleated shade pressing and smoothing the fabric in place.

  8. apply adhesive to shade

  9. Using a spray adhesive in a well ventilated area, apply a light coating of adhesive to the pleated shade fabric (by lifting up and spraying under the fabric applied to the top edge in the previous step). Working in small sections, firmly press and the smooth the fabric against the shade.

    Continue this process, together with the previous steps until the fabric has been applied to the entire shade.
  10. finish side edges

  11. Finish the side edges by folding over and adhering (use glue or double-sided tape) your fabric to the edge.

    Note: Do not fold over the edge since you do not want to cover the adhesive strip used to attach the shade to your window base.

  12. Trim the fabric to the bottom edge of the shade.

    Refold the pleats by pressing firmly at each of the pleats.

  13. fanned shade

  14. Place your custom fabric window shade in the exclusive holder and fan out

  15. Follow the enclosed instructions on how to install the fabric arch shade or you can use this special trick to make your fabric window shade open and close.

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