Elliptical and Eyebrow Window Treatment Ideas

eyebrow window

Which window is an eyebrow window? Is is the imperfect arch window? Or is it the window that is rectangular on the bottom and slightly arched on the top? Or the elliptically shaped window?

You can find all types of similar to arch, yet not an arch, windows as architectural windows or above a rectangular window or as a entry door transom.

It doesn't matter what they are called, one thing all these windows have in common, they are difficult to cover.

eyebrow window

Here we will call the window that is rectangular on the bottom and slightly arched on the top the eyebrow window. Think of it as a window that is raising its eyebrow.

elliptical window

The imperfect arch that is much wider than half its height we will call an elliptical window.

Most ideas for arch window treatments do not work for these odd windows, so a new set of ideas are needed for the eyebrow and elliptical windows.

Please note: A perfect arch is half as high as it is wide. Many, but not all, arch window treatments will work with some imperfectness like up to 2" (each manufacturer is different).

Cellular (honeycomb) Shades

Top-down cellular shades work very well with eyebrow or elliptical windows not only because the cellular shades can be shaped into any shape like eyebrow and elliptical, but with our special system they can be fully opened providing you with a completely unobstructed view. Top down works very well with these shapes since the bottom is the widest part of the window.

This also works with any shape that is narrower on the top like bullet arches or half-arches, like these shapes below:

arch shapes

eyebrow cellular shades


Shutters in elliptical or eyebrow shape can be made either with the slats across or in a sunburst fashion. In both options, the slats can usually be tilted for light/privacy control.

eyebrow shutters

For a more cost effective solution try these mock eyebrow shutters, made from real wood, and matches to all types of shutters and wood blinds.

eyebrow shutters
Here you can see how it looks opened and closed in the eyebrow shape.

In the elliptical shape, however, they can be either open only or closed only. But the open version can be lined with sunscreen for UV ray protection.

For more information about the mock shutters click here.

Eyebrow Window Curtains

Curved and flexible curtain rods can be used for elliptical and eyebrow window curtains. The height of the window determines which style is appropriate.

The sunburst curtain is made for shorter windows. It is usually made with sheer materials (but it is not a must) and is gathered round and round the arched part and it comes together in the center bottom where it is adorned with a rose, medallion or a pouf. This curtain can be custom made or you can buy this kit to make it yourself.

Tieback curtains can be used on eyebrow windows, too, if they are tall enough. You simply put on the curtains onto a flexible rod that bends to the exact eyebrow shape.

Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Here's a list of window treatments that can be used for either eyebrow, elliptical, or extended eyebrow window.

  • Fabric Shades - We fabricate fabric shades like Austrian shades, cloud shades, and balloon shades for eyebrow and elliptical windows. These shades can be pulled up to the curved part of the window.

  • Vignette - Vignette modern Roman Shades are non- operable and remain in the fully lowered position.

  • Silhouette is not operable but the vanes are in a steadily open position.

  • Wood Blinds - The slats are tilted at a 45" angle and are not movable. This angle allows the light to shine through but still provides privacy.

  • Vertical Blinds come with a special curved track making it a perfect choice for elliptical and eyebrow windows.

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Ask the Expert!

Still unsure which eyebrow arched window treatment to use for your eyebrow arch window? You can simply Ask the Expert!

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