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Eyebrow window with vertical pleats

by Ron Eversole
(Castro Valley, CA )


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We have an eyebrow window with the following dimensions:
Width - 70.5"
Height in sides 9"
Height of arch in center including 9" - 23"

We would like to do a vertical pleat and attach on the top and bottom. We will be using material that blocks a lot of light but not blackout curtains. We would like to be able to take down the drapes for cleaning yearly.

What would you suggest that we order? Can we also see a picture of the frame material and parts as well as how the material attaches to the frame (loop, velcro, hooks, etc.)


Ron Eversole


Hi Ron,

Our sunburst kit might work for you but you do not have to make it in the sunburst shape if you don't want to. If you want to do it vertically you will have to make your own pattern since our kit comes with the sunburst directions only.

The sunburst kit works by screwing in clear clips on the surfaces where you want to install the rod (in your case the rounded top and flat bottom). You need to make a casing from the fabric on the bottom and the top. The rods need to be pulled through the casings and then the rods with the fabric gathered over it get pushed into the clear clips.

Our kits come in two sizes, 92" and 46". You need to measure the rounded top and the flat bottom width to see how much rod you need. Then order as many kits needed to add up to the rod widths.

Although sheer fabric is recommended medium weight fabric is also OK. Since we do not have a pattern for vertical pleats it is best if you experiment with a cheap fabric before working with your regular fabric.

Here you can order the sunburst kit.

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