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Eyebrow Transom Window Treatment

by Cindy
(Canton, SD)

Eyebrow Arch Window

Eyebrow Arch Window


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I have an eyebrow transom window that faces east and I need to cover and be able to open also.

I do not like the sunburst shutters and I do not want to use wood blinds to covers the whole window and trim. Although for the lower windows I now have wood blinds, I do not want to do the same on the eyebrow due to its architectural look.

I would like to put sheers on a curved rod of some kind with the hem sitting on the sill of the eyebrow. Any suggestions?

My window measurements interior are 54.5 width and highest point is 16 inches.


What you are most likely looking for is our sunburst kit.

It has a flexible rod that can be made to fit just about any shape including your eyebrow arch.

Use it with sheer fabric so that it allows light in while blocking the sun glare.

This is an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful way to cover your eyebrow window.

Check it out at Sunburst Window Treatments!

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